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Spot Welding Electrodes, Spot Welding Shank, Spot Welding Holders, Spot Welding Gun Arm,Flexible Shunt, Copper Busbar / 3D Busbar / Riser, Projection Welding Electrodes, Nut & Stud Welding Electrodes ,Elkonite Electrodes, Seam Welding Wheels, Tungsten Electrodes, Molybdenum Electrodes
Seam Welding Shaft,Silver Contact segment / Shoes, Seam Welder Housing – Refurbishing, CuCrZr / BeCu / Copper Alloy,C-18150 / C-17510 / C-17500 / C-18000,Machining / SubContracting


Paramount Enterprises is 15+ old leading exporter company located in Nashik city , India having renowned brand -PARENTNashik, engaged in manufacturing, supplies & exports of excellent quality resistance spot welding gun spare weldparts parts, projection welding electrodes, elkonite electrodes, seam welding wheel,silver contact shoes segment for seam welders, robotic spot welding holders.

Also expert in making cold formed copper & aluminum 3D busbar.
Presently PATENT Nashik catering best quality products to automobile industries in market - India, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia,UAE,USA,Europe ,Russia.
Top most automakers like Bentley, BMW,FORD, General Motor, Honda ,TATA, JBM, Ashok Leyand & many more who are satisfied with PARENTNashik's quality products since a decade.

Why PARENTNashik :- Excellence in spot welding Quality, Minimum Production Time, Quick Delivery anywhere on the globe, Ample raw materials stock,In house R & D