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    The Apache Hadoop software library is a framework that permits the distributed processing of large data sets across clusters of computer systems using simple programming models. It is designed to scale up from single servers to hundreds of machines, each providing local computation and storage. The growing organization interest in Hadoop and associated technologies is creating demand for specialists with big data skills.

    Hadoop is a Java-based programming framework that is open source and supports the processing and storage of massive data. Hadoop can store and process massive quantities of data quickly. It has enormous computing energy and a higher level of fault tolerance even in the face of hardware failure of a node. It is inexpensive and can be effortlessly scaled by increasing the range of nodes.

    Big Data Hadoop Online Training by Rainbow Training Institute equips students to take on jobs as data analysts and data managers. With Hadoop, you get a brilliant framework to analyze massive volumes of data with the help of parallel processing that speeds up the time take to analyze data. You get to process high latency data access across massive files to help generate insights. Data is accumulated because of the sheer volume of transactions in commercial enterprise and correspondence, inclusive of social media in the contemporary age. Data is generated by sensors, messages, emails, and all sorts of transactions and interactions. Big Data helps corporations to provide better client experiences and increase sales.

    In Big Data Hadoop Online Training Course by Rainbow Training Institute, you will learn how to harness the strength of Hadoop in our Hadoop Online Training course. Rainbow Training Institute's Big Data Hadoop Online Training Course is designed by experienced Trainers to deliver relevant concepts and practical benefits according to industry job standards and requirements. We provide in-depth knowledge of Big Data and Hadoop Concepts as per the industry requirements. Our Big Data Hadoop Certification course consists of Hadoop Architecture, HBase, Map-Reduce, HIVE, HDFS, Pig, Sqoop, Spark, BigInsights, Flume, Oozie, Administering Hadoop Cluster and a lot more into our course. Rainbow Training Institute is one of the best institutes to take Big Data Hadoop Online Training.

    Benefits of Learning Hadoop skills in Big Data Analysis:
    With most organizations dealing with a data deluge, the Hadoop platform helps in processing these massive volumes of data rapidly, thereby providing numerous advantages at both the company and individual level. It is designed to scale up from single servers to hundreds of machines, each providing local computation and storage. With the rate at which memory cost reduced the processing pace of data that never multiplied, and hence, loading the massive set of data is still a huge headache, and here comes Hadoop as the answer for it.

    Pre-requisite for Big Data Hadoop Online Training:
    Hadoop only works on Linux based Operating System. To work with the Hadoop Bigdata framework, you should know how to operate any of the Linux Based Operating System. Though Hadoop Framework is designed with Java language, it can operate using other languages too. However, having hands-on information on Core Java Makes it easier for writing the Map-Reduce codes.

    Who Is The Course Meant For?
    Any Graduate or Post-Graduate student who is aspiring for an exceptional career towards dynamic technologies. Corporate employees, who are searching forward to implementing the modern-day technologies in their organization to meet the ongoing and approaching challenges of data management. Software Engineers who are into ETL/Programming and desire to discover the exciting job possibilities worldwide.

    At the crux of data analysis is the ability to decipher raw data, process it, and arrive at significant and actionable insights that can structure business strategies. Big data would be the trouble, and Hadoop would be one of the solutions leveraged to make sense of it. With the inclusion of a much needed HDFS component, the distributed storage trouble is taken care of while the MapReduce element optimizes parallel data processing.

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