Top Quality Galetos in Weston Florida

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A delightful frozen treat got its roots in the 16th century when a Florentine named Bernardo Buontalenti served his great piece of art at a banquet held by the influential Medici family. For openers, ‘gelato’ is not just the Italian word for ‘ice cream,’ whatever your phrasebook would have you consider. At the present times, gelato is practically synonymous with Italy. Originally made with fresh, local ingredients such as lemons from Sorrento, hazelnuts from Piedmont, apricots from Vesuvius, and a tempting smooth texture, it is no surprise that real Italian gelato has become a worldwide sentiment. With apparently countless gelaterias scattered across Weston, Florida, but to order gelato online for an authentic experience can be a task. To make it simpler for you, we have created this extensive guide to recognizing the best gelato in Weston. Read on to know more about this creamy and delicate concoction to serve your palette with the best taste of this popular frozen dessert.

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