Scientific and convenient way to warm milk

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In winter, flushing the baby with milk is a big headache. In winter, the temperature is low and the temperature of the food drops sharply. The prepared milk may be cold in a few minutes. How to make babies eat warm and nutritious milk all the time? Prepare an insulated baby bottle? This is indeed a good method, but “teach him to fish” is not as good as “teach him to fish”. Today, let’s learn the milk warming technique together. This winter, there is no need to worry about the baby’s milk.
The most primitive and most economical: hot water heating method
The hot water method is to pack the prepared milk powder in a bottle, put it in hot water, and heat it in a water bath. This method is the most primitive and economical method. What are the specific steps of the scalding method? Let's learn together.
Boil water for standby: The principle of warming milk in the water-insulating scalping method is to transfer the heat energy of hot water to the milk powder through heat conduction, so as to achieve the purpose of warming the milk, so boiling the hot water for standby is the first step in warming the milk.
Water bath heating: Find a container with a bottom area larger than a milk bottle and a height similar to the milk bottle, pour hot water into the container, and put the milk bottle in the hot water for heating. The water level should not exceed the mouth of the bottle. Baby Bottle Sterilizer
Test milk temperature: The time for warming milk depends on the amount of warming milk and the amount of warm milk hot water. Therefore, the control of the warming time requires the accumulation of experience of mothers. Before feeding the baby, mothers must first check whether the temperature of warm milk is suitable.

The most convenient high-tech: milk warmer
Although the water-proof scalding method is economical and primitive, its disadvantage is that it is inconvenient to control the temperature of the milk. If the water temperature is too high, the temperature of the milk will also increase, which will easily destroy the nutrients in the milk. In order to overcome the shortcomings that the water-insulating method cannot accurately control the temperature, a milk warming device, a milk warming device, has appeared on the market.
A milk warmer is also called a bottle warmer or a breast milk warmer. It can be used to heat the fresh milk taken out of the refrigerator, keep the milk powder prepared in advance, or if some babies drink milk intermittently, you can also put the milk back into the milk warmer. Keep warm. The common milk warmers on the market mainly include water-added milk warmers, water-free milk warmers, and digital timing milk warmers.
Water-added milk warmer: Use water as a heat transfer medium to heat the milk in the bottle to achieve the purpose of warming the milk. This kind of milk warmer usually has a temperature control knob with a temperature control range of 40℃-100℃.
Water-free milk warmer: Use air as a heat transfer medium to heat the milk in the bottle to achieve the purpose of warming the milk. For this kind of milk warmer, a fully enclosed space is effective, but the speed of warming the milk is slower than that of the water-added milk warmer.
Digital timing milk warmer: This type of milk warmer is controlled by a microcomputer chip. The water temperature is controlled accurately and stably. The temperature difference and fluctuation value can usually be controlled at about 1°C, and it has real-time water temperature display and timing functions.
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