Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin

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Posted: 6 w
I would like to know in more detail what is the difference between cryptocurrencies and bitcoins?
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Posted: 6 w
There is no difference, since bitcoin is one of the types of cryptocurrencies, by far the most popular and expensive. Today , there are about 1,000 cryptocurrencies on the market and you need to think about how to start learning crypto trading . But it is very difficult to name their total number precisely, because new ones appear constantly, and some of the existing ones do not find popularity and actually cease to exist.

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Posted: 4 w
What online platforms do you use to buy cryptocurrencies?

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Hi. Cryptocurrency trading brings good profits. But that it would be possible and as much as possible brought financial benefits you need to take into account the difference in the rate of purchase and sale or exchange of cryptocurrency. You also need to take into account the demand for cryptocurrency. I use convert usd to btc. There are a lot of types of cryptocurrencies now. This provides me with a great benefit.

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