best projectors under $100

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Before you buy the Best Projectors Under $100, it is important to know that there are a few different types of projectors. The following is a look at the types of projectors that are available.

Theater Projectors - These projectors have a screen in them, which displays the images from your television or DVD. Some of these projectors do not come with a stand, while others only come with one.

Projection Projectors - These projectors use a very large screen, and project the image on the screen instead of the screen being used for viewing. This type of projector will allow you to view a larger screen than a regular projector would allow you to view.
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It seems to be very nice and very cheap too. I was looking for the same. I have recently bought gecey's monitor for my office work and planning to buy the budget at fewer prices. I hope the quality of the projector will be the same as the monitor I have purchased recently.