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Add a professional finish to your front desk with Ezy Signin, an easy-to-use, reliable touchless visitor management system that ensures quick and easy sign-in/out with self-service contactless iPod registration process. Now Ezy Signin supports 5 more countries, UK, US, CAN, IND, SIN and NZ. https://bit.ly/3hnRUhN

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Safety and compliance are indispensable to any organization, and the reception area becomes really crowded during the business in operational hours. Ezy Signin is easy-to-use, secure, and safe for managing guests, employees, and contractor registration. Not only it creates a safer ambiance, but it also frees up time for front desk staff. Contact us if you want to know how this software works and how it is beneficial to your organization. https://bit.ly/2z43ddC

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Amid a global pandemic, help flatten the COVID-19 curve by taking advantage of Ezy Signin Touch-Free Visitor Management System.

Ezy Signin creates a contactless environment within your business - all through the use of practical QR codes. Your visitors can quickly fill out their contact details and purpose of visit using their smartphone's. The guest and host will both be notified via e-mail/SMS.

Do you want to continue using paper logbooks? Use Ezy Signin to create efficiencies in your business. https://bit.ly/2Xp2ZHe


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