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Printed circuit board terminals with PCB Connectors Suppliers screw connections have always been an important part of the electronics industry and are now an important part of printed circuit boards. Its structural design combines the convenience of wiring and the robustness of screw connections. The spring-connected printed circuit board terminals are divided into tension spring connection and butterfly spring connection. The pull-back spring terminals and screw terminals can be replaced with each other, which greatly increases flexibility. IDC stripping quick connect terminals allow quick connection of insulated wires without the use of any tools. Pull the auxiliary rod to push the wire into the blade and cut the insulation to achieve an airtight connection. This type of wiring can save up to 60% of wiring time and has passed Ethernet wiring certification (category 5). Screw-type PCB terminal blocks have the following advantages regardless of the type of terminal connected:
1. The wiring capacity is large, which can adapt to various wiring requirements.
2. The clamp body is mechanically separated from the welding pin. In other words, since the wire clamping body and the soldering pin are not connected together, the screw-type PCB terminal will not transmit the torque when tightening the screw to the soldering point. 3. The solder pins are quadrilateral and the ends are shrunk. Rotate freely when inserted into the welding hole. The solder solution dissolves in the solder hole.
4. The welding needle is made of copper alloy, and the welding needle is free of dirt, ensuring long-term reliability of welding.
5. Tinned solder pins for easy soldering.
6. With cooling channels.
7. The ends of the solder pins are shrunk and easy to install.