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Water Purifier

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Make Your Kitchen Look Stylish With Our New Contemporary AQUA LIBRA BLACK Series RO Water Purifiers Which Not Only Ensure 100 Percent RO Purified Water But Also Saves 2X Water Than An Ordinary RO Water Purifier With Its Innovative Advance Recovery Technology. BLACK Series ALWP 08 Model Has The Highest Recovery 100 Percent RO Water Purifier In India. With RO+UV Technology Harmful Substances Are Removed And MIN-TECH Adds Back Essential Minerals Into The Purified Healthy Water. Comes With Hot Water At The Press Of A Button, With Temperature Choices Of 45 Degree Celsius This Water Purifier Is Designed To Suit Your Lifestyle And Match Your Kitchen Décor.

Stages Of Purification:-1. Pre-Filter It Is Effective In Removing Dirt, Rust And Sand Particles. It Is 5 Micron Sediment Filter.
2. Sediment Filter It Is 1 Micron Filter Which Again More Effectively Removes Dirt, Rust And Sand Particles.
3. Activated Carbon Filter The Function Of This Filter Is Remove Chlorine And Organic Chemicals. It Provides Enhanced Reduction Of Taste, Odour And Color.
4. High TDS (Supports Upto 3000 TDS) Reverse Osmosis High TDS Membrane It Removes The Following Hard Water Contaminants That May Be Present In Your Water Lead, Copper, Barium, Chromium, Mercury, Sodium, And Pesticides Etc. Upto 2000 TDS
5. Post Carbon Filter This Filter Removes Objectionable Taste And Odours To Enhance The Quality Of Your Drinking Water. 6. Phillips Ultra Violet Ultra Violet Rays Cause Immediate Death For Organisms And Wipe Out Their Ability To Survive And Reproduce.