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DZL-20 multi-purpose grain cleaning machine

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DZL-20 Grain cleaning machine is designed to remove foreign materials e.g. large trash, stems, leaves, partially eaten, immature or broken seeds, dust, rice chaff and bran to ensure grain quality.

Cleaning process:
1. Grain flows into dedusting bin from hopper by a bucket elevator;
2. A fan sucks out the relatively light sundries like dust, stive, rice chaff and bran, which will be collected by cyclone dust catcher;
3. Then grain flows onto a flat screen that is set at a slight incline and reciprocate mechanically, high density material move forward while low density material move backward;
4. Then grain flows onto a vibrating screen, large trash is removed as the seed fall through the holes in the first screen and onto a second screen; the second screen traps the seeds and moves them to a hopper as smaller trash falls through the holes.