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Travel guide to Paris City

In a world full of fast moving scenarios, it’s a dream for many people to travel miles to collect memories. It’s not only a dream but a most needed vacation of each and everyone in this busiest and technological world. People are running along with their profession and forgetting that it’s their one and only life to live. Some, allocating time perfectly for their work and personal life and someone living fully dedicated them to their profession.

Well, there are a lot more places to visit in this beautiful creature of God, and Paris city is one of them often visited by millions of people annually. Paris city has many places to offer to its people and tourists and Disneyland and Eiffel tower are the most welcomed places in them. Eiffel tower, which is often mentioned as the “Iron Lady” of France and the “Crown jewel” of France is truly a majestic creation of Gustave Eiffel and his company. Eiffel Tower was named after him, where Gustave Eiffel’s company designed and built Eiffel Tower. The counter light up over Parisian night sky is truly splendid to behold and a truly magnificent creation where everyone tends to leave a footprint behind.

Another splendid offering that Paris offers to its people is Disneyland, where people can forget their worries and enjoy the adventures rides and shows of their famous Disney characters. Seasonal shows that make people dive into the world of imagination and enjoy the maximum fun and joy. There are seasonal shows with your favourite disney characters and marvel characters where you can enjoy a thrill and adventurers rides and attractions and take selfies with them in the selfie spot areas allocated there. In Paris, there are two Disney parks. One is Disneyland Park and the other one is Walt Disney Studio park. You can enjoy the maximum of your Paris vacation with these parks.

Palace of versailles is another greatest creation of France where the seat of power turns into a museum in the late centuries, reminds the patriotism and the victories that have been made by French kings in the past. If you’re willing to know the enriched history of France, then don’t skip Palace of Versailles from your trip list.

Pantheon is another tourist place in Paris city which is a tomb where famous celebrities sleep peacefully and eternally. So these are only some places we have mentioned here.

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