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New Zealand is one of the most popular destinations in the world for backpacking. Its innate natural beauty, scenic beauty, range of outdoor environments and friendly people make it a natural choice foe backpackers and free independent travellers. Even though tourist demand has declined over the past several months due to the impacts of the recent earthquakes, Christchurch is experiencing resurgence in demand, especially from the backpacker market. The allure of the superb winter conditions is attracting many tourists back to the Christchurch and Canterbury region, as well as the wider South Island, as they are coming for the superb snowboarding and skiing opportunities.

The backpacker accommodation selected is essential to the overall experience and satisfaction of the trip. Every night you will be staying at accommodation that can contribute or detract from your winter holiday. It is of the utmost importance that you select a backpackers in Christchurch that has all the creature comforts, mod cons and provides all this at the best price. Some of the newest backpackers in Christchurch have been purpose built to provide the luxury and comfort of a motel at the budget price associated with backpacker sin general.

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