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However, no matter how great the backpacker's accommodation is, the behaviour of other guests is central to the overall experience and stay. For this reason, this is an accepted etiquette or code of conduct that backpackers afford each other to ensure that everyone has a great time. Some of these are common sense and others a little amusing, but let's start with the basics. When staying in a dorm area, it is expected that everyone will be tidy and keep their belongings in an organised state.

Luxury Amore Motorlodge in Christchurch provides the perfect stay for those visiting the South Island of New Zealand. Bed and breakfast establishments have a long history of accommodating travellers in personalised and comfortable surrounds. Traditionally thought of as a cheaper option when compared with motels and hotels, offering a superior level of service, local knowledge and personal service, Amore Motorlodge in Christchurch remains the preferred choice of many travellers. However, the traditional perception of bed and breakfast accommodation is being challenged; one such example is which is Christchurch's newest luxury Amore Motorlodge.

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