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When selecting luxury accommodation in Christchurch, care must be taken in selecting the most appropriate site for you needs. Since the advent of the internet, anyone with a couple of spare rooms can open their own private homes to the accommodation industry and market themselves as a bed and breakfast. However, if it is a premium experience that you desire, ensure that you check the credentials of the establishment. One of the easiest ways to do this is to search for the business website. From the website, you will be able to assess the range of services and quality of the accommodation through the range of interactive content, such as reviews and imagery.

Dorm area can become cluttered and messy extremely quickly when a group of people start spreading their gear around. Another common courtesy is to be courteous about entering the room late at night; I think we all can relate to the situation where someone is trying to find something in their pack at three in the morning - and for some reason, what they are looking for is contained within a series of plastic bags. Try and make as little noise as possible if people are in bed before you, and if you can, don't turn the light on. The outdoor adventure should not make its way into the dorm room.

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