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RT Group is a family-owned investments company, currently holding and also operating a large portfolio of factories in the industrial areas of Singapore. We also hold some commercial real estate, dormitories and warehouses. In the future, we hope to diversify and acquire a more varied portfolio of assets.

RT Group is a Singapore-based firm that owns real estate and a range of businesses. ​We are actively involved in managing our companies and investments.

In providing the resources and operational know-how, we create winning products and services that enable our companies to scale beyond their existing markets.

We own and actively manage a portfolio of industrial
and commercial properties in Singapore that provide stability and value add to our businesses.
We will source for new properties, both locally and internationally, to co-develop or add to our portfolio.

We have a collection of businesses in the logistics, accommodation, and lifestyle sectors that benefit from our active management.
We will opportunistically add businesses that can benefit from our ecosystem.

We invest in promising business ventures that cater to large addressable markets, have a clear value proposition, and action-oriented management.
We will consider all potential investments that can benefit from our resources.

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