How does the Indian Army induct pilots for its aviation corps?

An Indian Army Cheetah helicopter crashed in Bhutan in which both the pilots lost their lives.

The Indian Army pilot who died in the crash was of Lt Col (Lieutenant colonel) rank while the other was a Bhutanese Army pilot training with the Indian Army, the news agency said quoting sources in the Indian Army.

The sources told India Today TV that the incident took place when the Indian Army chopper was approaching Yonphula for landing, but instead, it crashed into the nearby hill Khentongmani. Both Indian and Bhutanese army officers were killed on the spot.

"An Indian Army Helicopter crashed at 1 pm near Yongphulla in Bhutan. The helicopter went out of radio and visual contact soon after 1 pm. It was en-route from Khirmu (Arunanchal Pradesh) to Yongfulla on duty," Col Aman Anand, Indian Army Spokesperson said.

Col Aman Anand added that a ground search and rescue operation was launched from Yongfulla and the wreckage was located.