Soft Washing is a Gentler Power Wash for Your Home

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The outsides of houses can be magnets for contaminants – dirt, mold, algae; you name it. But siding can be damaged easily, so you need a gentler cleaning like a soft wash. Make sure to carefully watch for the soft wash option when you search for professional power washing near me. Companies offering the soft washing method are precisely what you need. Experienced contractors with trained technicians know how to use the right pressure for every need. Soft, low-pressure washing is ideal for home siding of all types, including painted wood, vinyl, and aluminum. A professional cleaning will leave them looking like new.

The basis of power washing is water under pressure (PSI in technical terms). It is proven effective for removing contaminants on outside surfaces. However, the pressure levels need to be selected based on the surface that's being washed. For example, the high-pressure capabilities work well for removing loose paint. Power washing it away works much faster than scraping or sanding. The porous surface of the concrete is a magnet for contaminants, including algae and mildew, that can make them dangerously slippery when wet. High-pressure washing blasts away contaminants on pavement and makes it look new.

The siding on home and business exteriors are ideal candidates for soft washing with a lower PSI. The improvement in their appearance after washing can be remarkable. Years of build-up can be quickly removed, including dirt, algae, and mold. Curb appeal improves on the spot, and exterior surfaces are preserved and better maintained. Trained technicians also understand how to avoid water infiltration beneath the surface while pressure washing. It's essential to keep the water heading downward and never going beneath the surface. It's a fact that well-maintained real estate has a higher value.

Apart from the buildings themselves, other areas of the property benefit from pressure washing also. Roofs, for example, require soft washing, similar to the siding. If they are streaked with mildew and algae, they need soft washing. A roof many times will require a specialized cleaning solution that releases contaminants without harming the shingles. Concrete sidewalks and driveways also are highly visible as people arrive. To make sure they make a good impression, use high-pressure washing to blast away years of accumulated dirt and contaminants. They will look bright and clean after a power wash.