Reading Kafka on Instagram? It's possible!

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How many social network accounts do you have? I'm sure you have at least one account on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that you check daily for news from your family and friends but also from strangers that you follow for some reason.

Because of their format and the type of content they promote, each of these networks is associated with a type of action. Twitter is linked to give opinions, Facebook to contact with somebody who can write my essay, Instagram to know and explore.

Precisely, this last network came up associated with photography, the possibility of knowing what celebrities do at every moment of their lives and getting to know distant corners of the world. Little by little, it has evolved towards the contents of humor and different types of publications, among them the literary ones.

Booktagrammers or people who publish photographs of their readings, reviews of their favourite books and book recommendations are becoming increasingly popular on this network.

This trend directly attacks the positions that point to social networks as responsible for a change in the reading habits of contemporary young people and, therefore, the abandonment of textbooks.

Classical authors on Instagram
Taking advantage of the facilities that this network offers to share content, the New York Public Library began working on a project to reach young people with classic works of literature. This initiative is called Insta Novels.

Using the famous stories of Instagram, this institution shares extracts of the great classic authors that Internet users can read in a brief and simple way in an environment where they feel comfortable. To view this content, of course, you must follow the Library's account on Instagram.

So far, the book Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll has been shared in this format. But soon, the famous book The Metamorphosis of Kafka, recognized as his most famous novel, will reach the stories of this network.

Do you like reading? Don't you always have time to review the great classics? This is an excellent initiative for you to use Instagram as a tool to expand your literary culture.