Common Factors Which Indicate That Your Cell Phone Battery Needs Replacement

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Is your cell phone battery not working properly? Do you want to know the factors or reasons which are affecting your cell phone battery? then go through this blog.

Batteries are considered as the building block for every smartphone. And cell phones are known for running on batteries that need an electrical socket to charge when the power of the cell phone is drained. These batteries are square, flat and install in the back of the cell phone and are protected with a cover.


If you take good care of your battery, it can be used for a longer duration of time. The life of the battery is dependent on the usage of your phone. It is important to identify the warnings and factors that indicate that your cell phone battery needs to get replaced.

Cell phone battery replacement Saskatoon will examine all these factors and determine that your battery needs to get replaced.


Here are the few factors and signs that indicate your mobile phone battery needs replacements



Determine the purchasing date of the phone and also check the date when the battery is installed in it. Cell phone batteries last between two to three years which have 300 to 500 charging cycles approximately. If your mobile phone battery is older than three years then it’s time to get it replaced.



When your mobile phone shuts down unexpectedly and the battery area gets heated then this indicates that your cell phone battery needs to get replaced.



If you put your mobile phone on charge then don’t remove it suddenly, because immediately turning it on by pressing the power bottom will damage the battery. This will indicate that your cell phone needs to get replaced.



If you charge your cell phone for four to six hours, then first check the level and percentage of battery. If the battery level is low and not 100% charged then it indicates that there is a problem your battery. This means that the battery is getting old and you need to get it replaced as soon as possible.



Use your cell phone normally and note the percentage of battery. If your cell battery dies or drains within a few hours then this is the sign that your battery is not working anymore. Moreover, you should need to replace it immediately.