How are backlinks important for your website SEO?

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If you want to rank on Google’s SERP (Search Engine Results Pages), you have to do lots of activities, one of them is backlinks. So, are you looking for an SEO Company in Texas, you can contact us. We will manage all things related to your SEO.

Backlinks are those who significantly impact your website SEO. According to research, 72% of marketers believe that backlinks are an essential part of your SEO performance. But now the question arises should you only strive to receive backlinks? While backlinks can improve your search engine rankings, a backlink strategy should not be the only SEO strategy management tool. Disastrous yet, backlinks from the spam websites can result in more unsatisfactory SEO performance. 

Are backlinks the most critical part of your SEO campaign?  

Read the blog; you will get the answer. Our SEO agency Houston will help you to make your SEO campaign easier as your website needs. 

Why Backlinks Are Important? 

Do the backlinks are the most crucial part of your SEO campaign? If they are not the most critical part, they are one of the best SEO plans. That is because of backlinks tell Google you are an authoritative source. When Google bots crawl web pages, they identify different links in the content. The more your content is linked to the other website, the higher your web pages will appear on search engine results. That will help you to improve your website domain and page authority both.

Your website’s domain authority is the relevance in search engines, specifically in a particular topic or niche. And the Page authority is how well a specific web page ranks on search engine results. Backlinks not only improve the linked page’s authority but also it can improve your overall domain authority.

Backlinks have even more benefits. For example, they help increase website traffic. If someone is reading a blog, and your page is linked, the reader might click on your website’s link.


Are Backlinks the Most Important Aspect of SEO? 

Backlinks offer you lots of benefits for your website SEO performance. But it is not the only necessary tool in your SEO strategy. Also, many other factors contribute to linkable content. That includes high-quality content with excellent website design. Additionally, these factors also improve the SEO rankings alone and help attract the users even more backlink opportunities.

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Why Bad Backlinks Can Hurt You? 

Even with the significance of content and website performance, many businesses continue to invest in black hat SEO. Their links appear on spam websites, causing a reduction in SEO performance. If you receive too many bad backlinks, your website could be removed from search results altogether (Search Engine Journal). On the other hand, Google always releases algorithm updates to catch spamming backlinks and other harmful SEO strategies. They also started implementing human reviews that manually penalizes terrible websites. If you have been doing this, you will need an SEO Agency to help find and disavow spam backlinks.


How do you identify a bad backlink? 

This is a challenging task for you and us also. First, you will notice the website will have a low domain rating or authority. But this is not the only sign of sketchy backlinks. Other symptoms are like several websites linked in the same content, websites linked unnaturally, lousy page layout, and mirrored pages. Most of the time, to find these spam backlinks, you need to use a combination of tools like Google Webmasters, SEMRush, Ahrefs, and any other. If you want to know anything about SEO, our Houston search engine optimization company will always assist you. Dial 214.850.0668 without any hesitation. We would love to answer your questions.