Expat in Dubai? You Must Know These Rules

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A complete guide about Expat in Dubai in detail. Read this guide to take informed & wise decision.

Dubai lures in expats like a moth to a flame. With big salaries and luxurious lifestyle, the city presents itself as a wonderland for many. 85% of the emirate’s population are expats or migrant workers. Compared to other places, such as most of Europe and North America, expat life in Dubai is very different. So are the political structures and the laws. 

Many people head to Dubai for job opportunities, however, apart from knowing about UAE labour law termination, there are few other laws one must be familiar with for living here.

Despite offering an advanced lifestyle Dubai has a very conservative culture, in general. So, if you are planning to move to Dubai or other parts of the UAE, read on below to know about certain rules you must follow:

Alcohol Consumption

Drinking alcohol is illegal in Dubai, except for restaurants and hotel bars. If you are an expat who likes to have a drink now and then, there are places you can go to that allow alcohol consumption.

Also, do not even think about using or buying drugs in Dubai. The punishment for any type of drug possession is rather severe.

Rules for Clothing

As said earlier, Dubai has a conservative culture, particularly for women. They are required to dress modestly and avoid any clothes that reveal their back, shoulders, and stomach.  Long pants and collared shirts are the norms for men.

However, the rules are a bit flexible at beaches and swimming pools. The best thing to do is remain covered up normally to prevent violation of law along with one month’s imprisonment plus deportation.

Public Display of Affection (PDA)

Even in expat bars, cuddling and kissing are frowned upon. As an expat or a person whose home country takes PDAs as something normal, you should keep your affections to a minimum in public areas. According to UAE law, they are considered obscene.

Beware, homosexuality is illegal in Dubai. Do not make the mistake of dating or living with a member of the same sex as partners. Dubai is not a friendly place for the LGBTQ community. One could be sentenced to jail for cross-dressing.

Photography in Particular Places

You cannot take pictures of the locals without their permission. Certain public places do not allow photography. Also, there are some government buildings you cannot take photos of. Even if you do, avoid uploading them on your social media accounts. For the UAE authorities, that is a solid proof of a crime.

Sex Outside of Marriage

Alcohol and clothing rules are somewhat rigid for expats. However, engaging in extra-marital sex is strictly off-limits. No matter if you are a local, tourist or an expat, you have to be careful where you stay and with whom.

According to new stories in 2017, an unmarried couple was vacationing in Abu Dhabi. The woman began to experience stomach cramps. Upon visiting the doctor, she was informed of her pregnancy. The doctor turned them over to the police who arrested the two for having sex without marriage.

If you are married and living with your partner in Dubai, it is better to carry a copy of your marriage certificate to avoid any issue.

If you are aware of the laws and willing to follow them, Dubai could be a great place to live. For any legal assistance or help regarding the understanding of Dubai laws, you can consult Davidson Co Legal Consultants.