Cool Christian T-Shirts

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Get inspired with these cool Christian t-shirts for sharing love in 2020

Our Cavalry cool christian t-shirts are true game changers. DYNAMIC MULTIRACIAL COMMUNITY SEEKING MESSIANIC FIGURE WHO CAN REALLY MAKE IT HAPPEN! Position: Teacher/ Prophet/ Physician/ Servant/ Mediator/ Sacrificial Lamb, etc. Looking for a real “MIRACLE WORKER!”


Qualifications: must be sinless, people skills a must, ability to see a job through to completion, ability to handle high stress environment, dedication, self-motivation, hands-on involvement. High risk potential – long hours, low pay, etc, etc. Hey, somebody's got to do it!


The Bible tells us that Jesus left a lofty position heaven in order take a job in the middle of nowhere. (Phil 2:6-8) He was overqualified, unpaid and no one appreciated His true potential. He relinquished the title of Almighty God to become the Son of Man. He climbed down the corporate ladder and became a man of no reputation. To some a foolish move. (1Cor 1:23)


He knew ahead of time where His earthly career would end, but He took on this DIRTY JOB and went to the cross with grace and dignity – and died for our sins once and for all. (Col 2:14,15)Now He’s looking for a few good candidates to pick up where He left off. (2Cor 5:18) How about it – there are no pre-requisites except a willingness to serve. (Mark 9:35) On the training is provided and the benefits are out of this world! (Matt 25:23).


With the help of this bold Calvary Men's Christian tee shirt, you have the opportunity to share the gospel with others and help them understand that salvation is a free gift that Jesus paid for on the cross that Calvary.