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Many countries at tropical area have many coconut trees. Coconut widely used for various purposes since many years. Housewives make coconut milk for cooking materials.

Currently, the use of coconut is more developed. One of them is by making him a pure coconut oil (virgin coconut oil / VCO). Until now, pure coconut oil discussed by many people because its function to the health. The experts also began to be interested in examining the content of VCO and its relationship to human health.

According to various references, VCO is made from coconut meat is still fresh. Making process conducted in a low temperature. How to make it, squeezed coconut meat milk, then heated with a low temperature. Next is the process of fermentation, cooling, addition of enzymes, and mechanical pressure or centrifuge.

The process of making this pure coconut oil did not use organic chemicals and solvent oil. From this process, taste the oil is gently with coconut smell unique. If frozen, the color of coconut oil is pure white. Meanwhile, if liquid, it is colorless (clear).

Benefits of coconuts were already known for a long time. Indonesian society usually uses coconut water to treat fever, detoxifying, and neutralize toxins because of the drug. In fact, residents in the Pacific Islands have a healthy body and strong teeth because they are accustomed to eating with a coconut. Some experts believe, eating foods that contain coconut provides several benefits. Among other low cholesterol levels, healthy body awake, to prevent hereditary disease, and so on.

While VCO is also believed to have some efficacy for maintaining human health. This is because the fatty acid content is high enough.

Fatty acids in coconut oil have some antimicrobial and antiviral properties. Therefore, VCO supports the immune system, helps prevent viral infections, reduce the risk of cancer and other degenerative diseases.

VCO also has healthful properties. For this type of oil does not produce free radicals, improve metabolic rate, providing essential nutrients necessary for healthy body, and contains antioxidants and vitamin E that may help prevent cancer.

VCO also has a number of advantageous physical thermal conductivity of engine oil properties. Among them, chemically stable, can be stored in the long run and not get stale, and resistant to heat. It is also believed to be good for skin health because oil is easily absorbed by the skin and contains vitamin E. This oil also helps keep the skin to remain soft and smooth, and reduce the risk of skin cancer.

The presence of coconut oil is more popular after the United States, which previously heavily promoting excellence non coconut oil, will begin to look this coconut oil. In fact, coconut oil now becomes quite expensive drug, used as a drug of coronary heart disease and other degenerative diseases.