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The findings demonstrated that a lower AA/EPA ratio is achieved by reducing omega 6's in the diet, and increasing omega 3's via fish oil. The conclusions to draw from this experiment are that a lower AA/EPA ratio is likely responsible for a reduction in ADHD symptoms and that i

High blood pressure is no longer just a problem of the old. It is fast becoming a problem of the young, too. When everyone else seems to be at risk of getting high blood pressure, isn't it a relief to know that there's an effective natural solution in fish oil for blood pressure though?

Let's get the facts straight. Most people who are at risk or who suffer from blood pressure usually take prescription medicines that are too costly. We also know that prescription meds are not always the best solution to resolve this situation.

Studies show that fish oil for blood pressure can be the best solution to lower it naturally. In fact, some of these studies are conducted by two prestigious groups -- the American Heart Association and the Harvard School of Public Health which have corroborated the benefits of this oil.

Fish oil is a wealthy source of omega 3 fatty acids that ensures our blood circulates normally in our system. The nutrient found in omega3 liquefies the blood that may become sticky when we allow the bad fats to accumulate over time because of our poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle, or lack of exercise.

Omega 3 is also clinically found to reduce significantly the bad cholesterol in our system. We are all aware that when bad cholesterol exceeds the good cholesterol in the body, we succumb to high blood pressure.

The best thing to do to ensure that you get enough fish oil is to eat a diet that is comprised of fish. However, not all the oil coming from fish fats are safe. There are those fish fatty fats that are found to contain high levels of mercury which is a toxic substance harmful for the body.

What you want are pure levels which provide thermal conductivity of engine oil benefits like anti-inflammatory agents. The oil should be molecularly distilled to remove the harmful toxins from the fish so you get the valuable omega 3.

This is where omega 3 supplements made from pure, natural fish oil come in handy. Fish oil sourced from deep ocean Hoki and Tuna which have high DHA levels and low level of contaminants offer many health benefits.

And one of those benefits is by including omega 3 or fish oil for blood pressure supplements in your diet as a healthy natural solution.