List of Top Modern Curtain Design for Your Dream Home

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The window is an essential element that provides light and warmth to the home inside. People may have one or more windows with varying sizes. To make the window more beautiful, people often add curtains for wide reasons like to decorate it, maintain privacy and prevent direct UV rays from

All products are crafted with unique patterns, texture and high-quality materials. Besides a person when purchases a new home or apartment, he/she does not stop there. Instead, to make it a better place to live they look for interior designs on the internet. Buy essential home furniture and electronic products for various activities. There are interior designers that can help to get the best design for your home. But, there are certain things wherein you need to intervene like selecting door curtains, window curtains, carpet, mats and more. You may have thought something for windows? Well, many people imagine the color and the pattern to add before buying it online. That’s because adding curtain design for living room can make a lot of difference. In case you are looking for latest curtain designs for your home, then here is a write-up that will list a few to you. So, let’s explore them!

Plain curtain design- One can explore curtains with plain design at Wooden Street. They are made from polyester material and gives stunning look to the window. They are available in different shades. The popular products that one can discover in our store online are Maroon semi blackout door curtain, dark blue premium semi blackout door curtain, grey premium semi blackout door curtain, gold premium demi blackout window curtain and more. One can find them in different sizes and brand names. It matches every home décor.

Cotton print floral curtain design- Cotton is a soft natural material with durable qualities. If you are looking for a cotton printed parda design curtain then, Wooden Street provides a list of collections. They have unique and attractive patterns from light or dark background. One can select as per the home décor or style, use them for special occasions or daily. Just like multi-color screen print cotton floral window curtain, blue and white screen print cotton floral window curtain or screen print cotton white and orange floral door curtain of Wooden Street. They are easy to wash and maintain.

Curtains with a panel pair with embroidery design- They are also known as double panel curtains. At Wooden Street, you can find them in different colors. They are easy to install and remove. It is one of the most widely used products due to its design and style. It gives awesome look to the windows and beautifies the place if chosen wisely. They are made from polyester material with embroidery design at the top. The design is something that makes it incomparable with other products. Like the Sworn peacock embroidered semi blackout brown and glass door curtains, Ivory red semi blackout embroidered window curtain and tulip embroidered semi-blackout black and ivory premium window curtain that one can find at Wooden Street.

Ribbon circle blackout copper window curtain- Another, wonderfully crafted product that one can explore at Wooden Street is the Ribbon circle blackout copper window curtain. The superb design and color combination makes it unique. It measures around 60 H x 54W. Thus, ideal curtain design for living room. One can get the product at an affordable price with a discount in our store and self-assemble it easily after buying.

Conclusion: These are some of the curtain design products that are currently trending in the stores online and offline. One can get all these products at a discounted and reasonable price at Wooden Street. Thus use them occasionally for programs, celebrations, events or daily. They are easy to install with ready-made handing features. Hence, not necessary to customize or alter it. One can get in varying sizes and colors. Feel free to explore them online anytime.