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Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital: Best of Cancer Curatives

I am Sakthi, from Tamilnadu. My sister, Lakshmi confined to bed last year. She was suffering from a breast tumor. High-tech treatment in Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital transformed her life.  Health, peace, and felicity restored her cry.

Last year, she told me about some sickness in her breast.  She suffered pain and itching on her bosom.  When we consulted a local hospital, they took it to be cancer. One of the physicians referred us to a local cancer institute.  We departed to the cancer institute for the observation. They asked her about the symptoms.  She told them that she had itching, pain, sudden swelling, and change of gloss of the breast. She felt it hard and warm. She was very much worried about the peeling of the skin.  After some examinations, they told us that it was breast cancer.

We found her illness when it attains the second stage.  As we belonged to a poor background, we could not spend extravagantly.  The physician stated that it would cost around two lakes.  We were helpless and passed on the disease to the mercy of God. It was only when our consultant told us about the Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital. He introduced one of his friends who took his treatment there. His feedback on the Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute gave us hope.

We feared the expenditure on treatment in such a great organization. Later our consultant told us about different schemes in the hospital. He explained the insurance schemes and said that it would not be a burden. Believing his words, we approached Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and started the treatment anew.

They arranged for different tests. After confirming the illness to be cancer, they carried out the staging tests. They took a PET scan, CT scan, MRI scan, and bone scans. They confirmed it to be Stage IIA. We went there for treatment at regular intervals. They suggested chemotherapy. For a few weeks, they carried out chemotherapy. They vaccinated the drugs through veins in the right hand. Chemotherapy’s powerful medicines caused some side effects too. It caused nausea, early menopause, hot flashes, fatigue, and hair loss. Hence they arrange for palliative care. We had personal concerns for side effects in palliative care.

Chief doctors decided to do surgery to cure the disease completely. They consulted the palliative care doctor. After examining the side effects, doctors decide to do breast-conserving surgery. They removed the tumor. Our consultant reminded us that the growth might recur after surgery. To prevent the recurrence of the cancer cells, they prescribe us for chemotherapy once again. It was a difficult phase for her. Though it was a painful experience for her, it was not as expensive as we thought.

As our consultant in the local cancer institute said, we spent less amount of money for the treatment. People often complaints about the high-class requirements and expense of muti-specialty hospitals. But we could not complaints about Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute for it afforded treatment with modernized procedures and multi-specialty equipment. They had assigned a separate board called tumor board for the treatment. The top doctors in India were involved in her treatment. The availability of a multi-speciality clinic facilitated successful treatment. But they had not charged a fee for providing such medications. Thanks to Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute.