Are Virtual Numbers Expensive?

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Are Virtual Numbers Expensive?


949 area code represents Orange CountyCA. It covers southern Orange County, as well as parts of Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton and San Onofre State Park in northwest San Diego County. With all of financial advantages outlined above taken into account, setting up a virtual phone number for your business is a surprisingly inexpensive process. While one would think that giving your company the ability to seamlessly redirect incoming telephone calls to anywhere in the world would be a costly outlay, the truth of the matter is a whole lot more agreeable; an eReceptionist account, complete with access to virtual numbers, costs from as little as 30p per day..


949 Area code is located in California and covers Mission Viejo, Newport Beach, Lake Forest, San Clemente, and Laguna Niguel. It is the only area code that Conveniently, when your company invests in eReceptionist virtual phone numbers, you get to keep all of your pre-existing telephone numbers. This allows your business to establish a working sense of continuity where you won’t have to update your advertising or branding.

When you think about it, changing a phone number is a lot more hassle than one might first think. For starters, you don’t have to inform your customers of the change, which means their customer experience won’t be negatively affected. Similarly, you won’t need to update all the advertising channels, from social media accounts to phone book listings, that have your telephone number on it. Who knows how many potential leads have been lost down through the years simply because someone tried to contact a company using an outdated copy of the Yellow Pages with a now defunct telephone number listed in it? In addition, when a company changes phone number, all sorts of branded hardware, from pens and mugs to entire fleets of vans, also need to be updated, often at great expense.

In addition to the savings your business can make by not having to update its telephone number on all of its advertising channels and branded properties, more expense can be spared when your company makes use of eReceptionist’s virtual numbers due to the fact that no costly new hardware need be purchased, leased or installed. The whole installation process is conducted over software, ensuring a smooth, fast and inexpensive transition.


What is a Virtual Phone Number and How to Get One in India?

According to sponsored by Google, 31% of consumers call a business directly and frequently when looking to make a purchase or transaction. Likewise, most customers these days abandon transactions and stop doing businesses with a company due to poor customer service experience.


Virtual phone numbers help businesses to generate revenue and improve customer loyalty by managing every incoming call more efficiently. Unlike conventional telephone numbers, virtual mobile numbers are not linked to any physical telephone line directly. These numbers forward incoming calls to a variety of telephone numbers – landline, mobile and VoIP – selected by the subscribers. At present, businesses in India boost customer communication using virtual phone numbers as a centralized number.

They further opt for cloud-based virtual number solutions to manage incoming calls proactively without increasing infrastructural overheads. The sophisticated virtual number solutions come with call management suites and supports interactive voice response (IVR) solution. However, the features provided by the virtual phone numbers vary across providers.

Hence, the businesses must compare the virtual numbers based on the features provided by them. It is always important for a that comes with robust features like call management suite, IVR integration, real-time reports and SMS notifications. Every business these days has the option to choose from several virtual number services in India. But no business can manage incoming calls optimally without getting the right virtual phone number.

How to Get the Best-Suited Virtual Phone Number for Your Business in India?

Compare the Virtual Mobile Numbers

A business has the option to choose from many virtual mobile number providers in India. Most providers allow subscribers to choose from two distinct types of virtual phone numbers – budget and premium. The premium virtual numbers are easier to remember and recall than budget virtual numbers. But they are more expensive than regular virtual phone numbers. A business can easily boost customer communication by purchasing a premium number.

Automate Customer Service Delivery

While purchasing a virtual mobile number, the decision makers must explore ways to accelerate customer service without deploying extra agents or employees. The leading providers allow to integrate the with an IVR system. The cloud-hosted IVR system allows callers to collect information, resolve issues, or accomplish tasks using self-service options. It further allows businesses to increase first call resolution by implementing skill-based call routing. The decision makers must opt for a virtual number solution that supports IVR integration.

Focus on Call Management Features

Businesses cannot boost customer communication without using a virtual number solution that comes with robust call management features. The sophisticated virtual mobile numbers these days come with an all-in-one call management suite. The suite enables businesses to transfer, route, and forward the incoming calls in a number of ways. Also, the owners can monitor and evaluate the ongoing customer interactions using the call tracking dashboard provided by the virtual phone number solution.

Explore Ways to Track Missed/Unanswered Calls

As noted earlier, many customers call a business directly when they are ready to make a purchase and transaction. Hence, businesses must treat every missed call or unanswered call as a lost sales opportunity. While comparing virtual mobile numbers, the owner must check if it comes with options to track every missed call and unanswered calls. The sophisticated virtual phone number solutions track every missed or unanswered call by sending SMS alerts and notifications immediately and automatically.

Generate Real-Time Reports

In the age of omnichannel customer communication, no business can deliver superior customer service and improve customer satisfaction without analyzing call statistics. A business must track and analyze call statistics to streamline and improve customer service. The cloud-based virtual phone number solutions enable owners to assess customer interaction by providing a call tracking dashboard. Also, they help managers to collect real-time call information by generating push reports. The push reports help managers to boost customer service experience by gaining informational insights.

Consider Using Existing Number

Unlike conventional business phone numbers, virtual numbers help entrepreneurs and business owners to keep their personal and professional identities separated. However, the providers allow subscribers to use their personal or existing phone numbers as the virtual phone numbers. The subscriber can manage incoming calls more efficiently by forwarding them to multiple extensions at a time.

Consider Post-Purchase Support and Assistance

The quality of virtual mobile numbers differs across providers. In addition to evaluating the features associated with the virtual number, the owners must compare the providers based on a variety of providers. It is always important for businesses to opt for a provider who guarantees 99.99% SLA-backed uptime. Also, they need to check if the provider offers the post-purchase assistance required to configure and use the virtual mobile number effortlessly. At the same time, the provider must enable businesses to deliver customer service 24 hours a day by providing uninterrupted live assistance through multiple communication channels – emails, chat and telephone.


In India, a business has the option to choose from a wide range of virtual phone numbers. They can  in a number of ways. It is always important for the decision makers to choose the best-suited virtual phone number which will act as the single point of contact. In addition to focusing on the features, the decision makers need to choose a virtual number which is easy to remember and recall