Become famous on Instagram in the fastest possible time!

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Hi how are you ? Yes I know well! Of course it's going to be well, because after reading this article, a window of information about the popularity of Instagram got in the fastest possible time you open up!

1- First of all, we must get acquainted with the mechanism (algorithm) of Instagram!



Hi how are you ? Yes I know well! Of course it's going to be well, because after reading this article, a window of information about the popularity of Instagram got in the fastest possible time you open up! :)))

So do not miss reading this article for 3 reasons:

1- This article is not a copy at all and it is a summary of my information and experiences in these few years of Instagram professional work.

2- Becoming famous on Instagram is not as easy as before and it is necessary to have information up to the day that I want to tell you in this article.

3- This article is very brief, useful and attractive

So stay tuned

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How does Instagram work? Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day techniques that came from Instagram Algorithm.

See friends in the whole algorithm of new social networks such as Instagram that looks like this, sees which user is more active in the relevant field and class, and comes and puts that user in a higher category (top hashtags, top locations, explorer page, etc.) ! Well, that was a general definition, and in order to better understand this purpose, we will provide more and more detailed explanations below.

Of course, it is better to say at the outset that more activity does not mean that you are posting a barrage of posts and stories, or that you want to go ahead without planning and think that you can only increase your followers with Follow and Anfal! No, this is not the case at all, and in order to be successful in this way, you must learn the principles of smart and efficient activity and posting in this regard, which we will examine in the following.

To be honest, I started this post now and I update it every few days, that is, I add information to each series, so if you read and see it incompletely, it will be more complete and comprehensive in the future!

In the following, we will do more research to understand how Instagram works and we want to get the sleeping vein of this popular social network together.

1. Instagram has artificial intelligence! He understands many things!

Instagram has a very advanced artificial intelligence. This AI is further optimized to measure the interaction of posts. This means that after each post by the user, that post is measured in terms of the amount of interaction of other users with it, and through this, Instagram realizes the popularity of that post or story, and if there is a good interaction with that post, Instagram will show it to more people. will give .

So we got the main function of Instagram algorithm! 

You must have all seen that many of these pages that have a good return when posting in the caption or in the photo of the post, for example, write "Like if you like" or for example "Save if you like" or "Share to support with your friends" Leave " or " If you have a comment, comment below this post " and… Like these sentences that the user is asked to interact with the post! All this is to increase the post interaction rate! Because these people are familiar with the mechanism of Instagram and know that with these tricks, the popularity of their posts will increase and they can have helped a lot in making their page famous! So you should be locked in from these effective sentences and tricks!