Solved: Email, Mail Client, Website & Features Troubleshooting ... For older Android devices without auto setup change the following settings.

ATT Email Tech Support phone number


ATT is one of the leading telecommunication company in the US providing with internet services and giving you access to look at the news, entertainment, and other services. It also provides access to email applications by creating an email account. Like any other email service, it allows you to compose mails, attach files up to 25 MB, spam protection, larger mailbox size, auto-correct options etc. Creating accounts on this email service is as simple as creating on different accounts. You just need to go to the official website of ATT email sign up and create your account, following the on-screen instructions. But what if due to technical snags the ATT email account doesn’t work on the device?

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There can be several reasons behind this error which would be posing a difficulty in the proper functioning of the account. The device has not been connected to the internet, the web browser isn’t supporting the email site, login issues or password problems or maybe any antivirus software is causing trouble in it.


To fix the given issue, you will be required to implement the steps given below:


The desired steps for the error rectification:


  • Ensure whether the device that you are using is connected to the data network. Sometimes due to net connectivity errors buffering takes place and you are not able to access your email account.
  • If you are opening the account on your smartphone and it is not working but shows no trouble when you open it on the laptop or computer, then there is something wrong with the system configuration of your smartphone.
  • Try to sign in to the ATT email account by a different web browser. Make sure that the browser you are using is updated to its latest version.
  • Close all the tabs and the programs running in your system and shut it down completely.
  • Restart the device and then try logging in into the account
  • If you are able to sign in into your account but not able to proceed further then,
  • Sign out of the account and log in back by adding the verified login credentials
  • If you are sending any mail, just make sure that you are providing with the correct email address.
  • Check whether the emails you are receiving is not going in the spams folder.
  • Disable the firewall settings for a while.
  • Clear all the cookies and caches from your web browser and delete the history

These are some steps that usually work when someone faces with this kind of error. If you find that the solution has not worked due to any reason and you are still facing difficulties in using the ATT mails in your device, then get in touch with the ATT Email Technical Support Number and share your problem with the experts.