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Azooka's most unique micro-biological technology of RNA extraction kit has the effective preparation of RNA that is required for a wide variety of exciting and information-rich analysis techniques including next-generation sequencing, reverse transcription, northern blot analysis, an

RNAWRAPR - Sample Collection - for CORONA Virus Disease. Azook's RNA Wrapr is Molecular Transport and Storage medium that is specifically designed for india for safety of frontline healthcare workers and to reduce overheads of cold storage and transportation.

The highly efficient and cost-effective Tinto rang range of RNA/DNA Gel stains is a safe non-mutagenic RNA/DNA staining kit that replaces Ethidium Bromide and SYBR Dyes.

To know more about DNA RNA Extraction Kit/RNA Isolation Kit/RNA Purification kit/DNA gel stains for Biomolecular Laboratories, Schools, Colleges, etc., continue reading.

Who We Are?

Azooka.Life - A reputed Fluorophore startup nucleic stain company in India established in 2016. Is a specialty fluorescent dye company, manufacturing for genomics research and molecular diagnostics. Their first product to market, Tinto Rang, is a safe DNA stain that replaces Ethidium Bromide and SYBR dyes at a much more affordable cost, making this sort of disease diagnostics more accessible for all. It’s also safe for researchers who use nucleic acid dyes on a daily basis in labs, which is a potential mutagen and carcinogen. We are engaged in producing a wide range of DNA/RNA gel stains for all kinds of laboratories, research studies, genomics research,Bioagro, BioPharma industries, and molecular diagnostics.

Why Choose Azooka DNA/RNA gel stains?

Unique Factors about RNA Extraction Kit -

⦁          Easy to use - Toxic-free RNA Gel stain.

⦁          Food grade RNA staining.

⦁          Easy safe disposal.

⦁          Enables rapid purification of high-quality genomic DNA (human and bacterial) from fresh or frozen samples.

⦁          Maximized efficiency and high-performance RNA extraction kit. Order Soon!

Types of DNA/RNA Extraction Kits -

TINTO RANG STAIN SERIES -  provides nucleic acid-based stains for diagnostic testing (NAT), with the focus here being both efficiency and safety. Since traditional diagnostic stains are somewhat toxic, Tinto Rang has been developed from a food additive that has been consumed widely in southern India for several decades, to make it non-mutagenic. Tinto rang DNA Gel Stain Academics - Tinto rang DNA Gel Stain 10000x - Tinto Rang PCR Mastermix with Standard Taq DNA polymerase - Tinto Rang Hot Start PCR Mastermix - Tinto Rang High Fidelity Phusion Mastermix, ANO CELL STAIN SERIES - ANO Mitosis Teaching Kit - ANO Yeast Staining Solution, and more.

How To Select Azooka's right RNA isolation methods/kits?

The wide variety of RNA isolation kits available in the biological market can make it difficult to decide which one to use. The easiest and safest methods/kits available are Gel Stain based RNA isolation method/kit.

One of the top seller DNA/RNA extraction kits is Tinto rang series, which is a safe non-mutagenic DNA/RNA stain that replaces Ethidium Bromide and SYBR Dyes.

  1. A highly sensitive edition for industrial applications.
  2. Binds to DNA from one to five minutes.
  3. High accuracy and speed Extraction Kits.
  4. Efficient Cost-Effective RNA extraction kits.
  5. Non-mutagenic and carcinogenic DNA stains.

How to use Azooka's RNA extraction kit for the proper extraction process?

A variety of factors involves during sample collection, processing, and storage of RNA extraction/isolation/purification phase, it might negatively impact results and should be considered.

These factors broadly fall into three categories:

  1. Stabilization of a sample before processing/RNA extraction.
  2. Recovery of RNA molecule during manipulations.
  3. Exposure of unprotected samples to RNases.

Conclusion -

RNA can range in size from 20 nucleotides upwards of 8 kilobase (kb) and the RNA isolation procedures require specialized modifications if specific or multiple types/sizes of RNA are desired from the target sample using right and fluorescent-based RNA/DNA gel stains. Click here to know the exact RNA/DNA extraction kit price

Thus, it is important to choose the best RNA isolation method or RNA isolation kits for your desired RNA target because not all RNA isolation kits are the same.

Check out our range of Simple and rapid system for high-quality genomic RNA isolation from various sources including whole blood, serum, cell lines, bacterial cells, plant, mammalian tissues, etc., that are recommended for optimal results.

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