How much do SEO services cost in India?

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Everyone’s websites need SEO services but how do you know how much to pay or who to trust with your website? Learn how to set budget expectations and learn some of the price ranges you should expect to pay for availing of the best SEO services in today’s market. 

SEO is a highly acclaimed online marketing strategy that is used to build targeted traffic, promote your organization’s performance in the search engine results and increase brand awareness, all of which are required by many businesses interested in scaling their products or service offerings. 

While the benefits of good SEO are clear, the cost of accomplishing an SEO strategy can vary significantly depending on the goals of the company and the type of the strategy being implemented. No matter what your SEO marketing budget is, the costs associated with promoting SEO should be counted as an investment of your business. 

Hiring the best company for SEO in India are the best choice to invest in. These firms often provide a variety of services and pricing options to cater to the needs of your company such as monthly contracts, project-based contracts, and hourly consultations. 

How much does SEO cost?

How much SEO services in India costs your company will vary greatly depending on the needs of your organization and the experience level of the service provider you choose, but you should expect to pay within the price ranges below based on the service type you decide to move forward with. 

Let us take a shortcut here and talk about SEO pricing first.

  • SEO campaigns at the large companies costs between $15,000 – $40,000 per month
  • Mid-sized companies should expect to pay between $1,000- $5,000 per month for an SEO Campaign led by experienced practitioners
  • Smaller companies might get along between $600 – $800 per month. 

Monthly Retainer: $750-$5,000 per month:

Within this range, the amount that a client pays depends on the size of their business and the extent of the services offered by the agency. On the lower end of this spectrum are small SEO agencies that provide a limited range of services. On the upper range are businesses with bigger needs working with full-service SEO agencies. Most businesses keep their budget between $2,500-$5,000. 

Contract services at fixed prices:

Businesses who are just testing the SEO usually choose contract services as an entry point. Typical contract services include things like site content audit, link profile audit, SEO copywriting, and social media site setup. All these services lie between $500-$7,500. 

Project-Based pricing

Since there are a variety of projects, there is a wide range of prices which range from $1,000 to $30,000. 

Hourly consulting rate:

SEO consultants, whether individuals or agencies, usually charge to their customers between $100 and $300 per hour.

Final words:

For most businesses today, SEO is the highest ROI marketing effort. The benefits it provides surpass the value of other marketing approaches including direct mailing, online ads, broadcast advertising, etc. 

No longer do businesses decide whether they need SEO services company. Instead, they decide how much they are going to spend. If they choose a quality agency, their decision will lead to incredible amounts of revenue.