An overview of hair wigs in Noida and Delhi

An overview of hair wigs in Noida and Delhi.Visit our website to know more about our hair wig products.


There are many wigs out in the market from which picking a right wig can be challenging. Hair wigs in Noida are of different type like hand constructed, custom made, lace front wigs, and so many more. Choosing a right wig is like choosing a diamond ring, you require a level of understanding and details.

Overview of wig

A wig is a head covering that is made from synthetic or natural hairs. Throughout history, the wigs are worn for different reasons including people suffering from hair, fashion, changing appearance etc. Wearing a wig is so much cheaper than restoring your hairs through surgery. Wigs are most common for people who have cancer, and lose their hairs in chemotherapy. Also in movies, actors and actresses wear wigs to portray different characters. It can also be worn as fancy apparel in costume parties. Most people wear wigs due to its convenience as it comes in different styles in advance.

It takes a significant toll on people especially women, who are devastated by hair loss issues. Hairs are the most vital part of women, as it invokes a sense of femininity in women. The medical condition for excessive hair loss is called alopecia can be due to wide range of reasons such as stress, hormonal, genetics, age, poor nutrition etc. Hairs wigs are the best option for people who are suffering from permanent and temporary hair loss.

Human hair wig and synthetic wig

Which type of wig is best suited for you?

As the name suggests, human hair wigs are made from real hairs that people have donated while synthetic hairs are made from nylon and other synthetic fibres. Both are good options depending upon your needs and budget.

Human hair wig

Human hair wigs in Delhi provide the best natural look and feel. It is soft with light movement and lustre that cannot be matched with synthetic hairs. Human hairs wigs are versatile as it can be cut and styled according to your personal needs and taste. Also, human hairs wigs are quite expensive especially custom made ones. It also needs proper care if you want to maintain its lustre for a long period of time. Just like your own hairs you need to put in a lot of effort for its maintenance.

Synthetic hair wig

With the advanced technology, a lot of improvement is made to synthetic hair wigs. With high-quality synthetic hair wigs, one can't tell the difference between natural hair and a wig. It needs minimal styling and effort and can be usually worn with any hassle. They can also hold up pretty well in bad weather without any damage or fuzziness. One of the major disadvantages of synthetic hair wig is that it doesn’t offer any adaptability. In adaptability department, it is quiet limited whereas human hair wig can be worn in a magnitude of different styles and look. Another downside of synthetic hair wig is that heat can melt the synthetic fibres off the wig. It is advised not to use any heat to alter the pattern of the wig.


Planet of the hair cloning offers various hair wigs in Noida so that you can alter your look. It is an excellent option for people suffering from hair loss. Men and women can easily hair their bald spots and thinning of hair with a wig.