Powerup Leads; Game Changer in Real Estate Market

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Make your lead gen strategy more precise with Powerup Leads. Mortgage leads are hard to come by mainly because not everyone will want to buy a property.

Online leads are a different customer type, real estate has changed because the typical person looking for homes for sale is no longer looking for an agent, since they are available on the Internet, and they are looking for the homes instantly. Our method of Real Estate Lead Generation Canada puts you in front of them by enabling you to be the one on your website that shows them those listings.

How Do We Work?

  • Your brand is probably a stranger to homebuyers. In this step, the aim is to create awareness of the brand, reach new markets, and attract new traffic to your website.
  • The goal changes to "Convert" once visitors start to flow to your landing page. At this point, we are all about collecting lead data including name, contact information, intent to purchase, etc.
  • You get the lead. The next phase is important and often overlooked by builders. This is the perfect place for those who may not be ready to make a purchase to start nurturing guiding them with timely content through their purchasing process.

Benefits of Choosing PowerUp Leads:

  • We don't use a standard template for your ads to run. They are created to suit your specific real estate needs.
  • We are a data company. We take feedback to improve the quality and quantity of leads.
  • You can decide on the amount of ad budget you would like to spend and the location.
  • Your target audience can be from different locations. We also don't resell leads, you own them.
  • We work with you to provide the best quality leads and follow up system.

Why Us?

Powerful, versatile, and a game-changer, PowerUp Leads is a helpful leap into the future and a smarter way to run your business. Don’t get left behind Real Estate Lead Generation Canada!