Fortnite: New Chiller Grenade To Be Featured in Upcoming Patch

With the ongoing winter theme, Fortnite has been introducing players with a variety of winter based game content.


With the ongoing winter theme, Fortnite has been introducing players with a variety of winter based game content.
As recently fans of Fortnite received a new Sneaky Snowman item in the game which provides players with an additional 100 shield and stealth for roaming around the snow-covered map without being spotted.

source: Fortnite

It is believed that in addition to the Sneaky Snowman, developers at Epic games are all set to include a new Chiller Grenade.
In extension to the ongoing winter theme, this new item is sure to provide fans with new in-game interactions.
As per the Fortnite’s in-game news portal, it is confirmed that a new Chiller Grenade item will be included in the game.
According to the description provided by the news portal, this new Chiller Grenade is expected to freeze the opponent on whom a player uses this grenade.
This Chiller Grenade may not cause any damage to the opponent, but freezing them for certain time can provide players with an option of evading any close combat or hunting down the foes by giving enemies cold feet. 
It is not yet clear that foes who get frozen with this grenade could retaliate or not, but it is certain that this new item would provide players with new and innovative strategies in the game.
Various gamers and streamers have analyzed this new item and have come to the conclusion that this grenade is somewhat similar to the Boogie Bomb.
As Boogie Bomb provided players with an option of incapacitating their foes, similarly Chiller Grenade will also freeze the opponent for a certain period of time providing players to kill the enemy with a headshot.
It is also speculated that the frozen player may still be able to use them in hand weapon for defending himself from potential danger, but as the player would be frozen, he would not be able to move or create any such defensive structures.
It is quite interesting to experience that how Fortnite is including such innovative means to provide active players with new and fresh in-game content, and with the inclusion of such new content, players get an opportunity to explore new possibilities.
As recently various weapons were vaulted, players were entirely speculative for the upcoming items and weapons, and with this news announcement by Fortnite gamers are quite hyped to use this innovative item in the game.
Hopefully, this new weapon would provide fans with new possibilities and improved in-game interactions as players are eager to access this new item. 

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