Formating of the diploma thesis

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Writing a thesis is half the battle. It is important to arrange it correctly

The commission will not read the study, but it will definitely evaluate the design. And if the diploma is issued according to all standards, then this is a huge plus that will provide an excellent grade.

Diploma formating

  • The standard font of any written work at the university: Times New Roman, size 14. In some universities, 12 size is used, but this is specified at the department. The line spacing is 1.5 mm.
  • The text is justified.
  • Left indentation - 30 mm (so that pages can be stitched without problems). The indent on the right is 10 mm. Top and bottom indents are 20 mm.
  • Headings are centered and written either in capital letters or capitalized as standard. This aspect of the design is specified at the department.
  • Throughout the work, continuous numbering passes. The first page (title) is not numbered, but taken into account. Page numbers are placed in the lower right corner or in the bottom-middle of the page (check with the department).
  • Dots are not put in headings.

The structure of the thesis
As a rule, a diploma is the largest student's work during the years of study. And it has a pretty impressive structure that you need to consider when writing:

  • title page;
  • essay;
  • content;
  • introduction;
  • main part (1 chapter - theoretical, 2 chapter - practical);
  • conclusion;
  • list of used literature;
  • applications.

When defending a diploma project, it is imperative to use visual material - it can be printouts of diagrams, diagrams, tables. It is also mandatory to use a presentation.

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Design of schemes, tables, diagrams
Tables are inserted directly into the text of the work after the mention. You need to sign at the top, for example, "Table 1". If the table does not fit on one page, then you should make a transfer, but you no longer need to sign it on the next page. Diagrams and diagrams and figures are formatted as tables. Subscribed from below.

Formulas that are used in the text are placed in the center of the page, indented one line above and below the main text. Under the formula, there must be a decoding of the used coefficients and designations.

Making a list of used literature
There is a separate requirments to write up a list of sources that were used when writing the diploma. It is very voluminous, each source has its own design. The list must be in alphabetical order. The referenced source number in the text is enclosed in square brackets.