Top 10 Simple and Best Exercise to lose weight at Home

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Losing weight is a big challenge with the growing obesity and with the uncontrolled diet and work environment. We hardly find time to work out or to go out for the gym and maintain good health. We often search for easy exercises to lose weight rather than going to the gym that can help to


10- Best Exercise to lose weight at home:

1. Surya Namaskar: Around 13.90 calories are burned by doing one round of Surya Namaskar. This posture can help in stretching your abdominal muscle causing to lose weight around your belly. This is one of the simple yet very effective and best weight loss exercise at home.

2. Boat Pose: This is another simple exercise which you can do at home. The boat pose asana facilitates adequate stretching, compressing and relaxation to the abdominal region, making it good to burn belly fat if regularly practiced. It is one of the most efficient flat body asanas.

3. Crunches: This exercise is highly effective in cutting your fat from various parts of your body including your belly fat by strengthening your abdominal muscle. You will see the result very fast if you perform this exercise regularly with a controlled diet. You will find this one of the best exercise to lose weight at home.

4. Plank: It is one of the best exercises for building your core strength by stabilizing multiple muscles at once. It is not just beneficial for weight loss but it also gives you an improved body posture, flexibility. This is the best exercise to lose weight at home.

5. Squat: Doing this exercise not only helps you to lower your fat but also gives you strength and power. The heavy squat can help your lean muscle to grow. You can do this exercise daily and with regular exercise you will see the improved result in a very short span of time. It is the Best Exercise to lose weight at home.

6. Walking Lunges: If you add walking lunges to your daily routine for 15 minutes with your cardio exercise can alone help you to burn 400 calories. It can help you to lose weight and develop a good body shape with muscle building.

7. Jumping Jack: This exercise is a full-body exercise. When you do Jumping jacks it increases the blood and oxygen that reaches to muscles. It accelerates your heart rate, which helps in weight loss by burning calorie. It is also very efficient in increasing your body stamina.

8. Split Jump: This exercise affect your muscles, biceps or triceps when you do jump by switching legs. It is very effective in burning calories and can aid in weight loss very effectively. But you need to follow a proper diet and daily exercise to get the desired result from this exercise.

9. Skipping: If you do rope jumping daily for 30 minutes, you can burn 300 calories a day. It is very effective in burning calories. If you want the result faster then you can try heavy-duty ropes. This is very effective and you can prefer jumping ropes to burn the calorie rather than running miles to burn the calorie. It is very easy exercises to lose weight for beginners

10. Push-ups: Push-ups is the exercise that requires your body weight, and the amount of calorie burned depends from person to person. This exercise helps to build your chest, shoulder, and biceps.

Conclusion: If you add these 10 best exercise to your daily routine and maintaining a proper diet will surely help you to achieve your desired body shape in just a month. You just need a strong determination and controlled diet plan to get away from your extra body fat. You don't need to go to the gym and do any heavy exercise, these are the best exercise to lose weight at home.