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Insta Keto can talk about just the uniqueness of our genetics and our body the way that we like he's not when we were born and then all of these other factors and our lifestyle that effect you know what's really gonna be the ideal diet and so you know kind of coming back what we talked about at the very beginning what's the best diet what's the best diet you know just kind of letting go of this idea that there is one kind of eating that's actually perfect for everyone yeah like that's like saying that there's like one pair of jeans that's gonna fit every single woman on the planet we are not the Traveling Pants that was a fictional movie you know so just like letting go of that idea that you can like take something somebody else is doing and expect to replicate those results for yourself and then even among you know the different you know dieticians out there that you might talk to all of them are also unique and have their different areas of expertise or whatever that kind of will inform the the answer that you might get from that person and yeah that's kind of what I see over and over again is people in it it's frustrating I totally understand their frustration absolutely you know well this this place said this food was bad and this place food said this food is good and well this diet all they eat is this and this diet they don't eat it at all I m