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The "Costa Rei" Coast is actually optimal for loved ones, and certainly not only because of its own straightforward, strong facilities, which continues right up to the beaches. Algae is incredibly rare on the coastline during the course of the showering season.

The Sardinien Costa Rei, located on the south-east coast of Sardinia, has to do with 50 kilometres coming from Cagliari, the financing of the isle. Blue-green blue, crystal very clear water is actually symbolic of this stretch of coastline, widely known for its own light sand and also its own stretch. Numerous inland ponds develop a book for rare bird varieties. The Costa Rei is actually lined to the south by the rough as well as soft sand bays of Sant'Elmo and also to the north by Capo Ferrato, which is actually defended and also can easily not be actually improved. The organic charm of the Costa Rei is similar to the widely known Costa Smeralda. Tiny bays alternative along with long sandy coastlines, in front end of a sloping brush along with evergreen macchia as well as enforcing stone stones.

If you wish to reach out to the Costa Rei Sardinien, you are going to pass with one of the very most provocative territories of Sardinia: the Sarrabus. Between the mountains as well as the opulent hillsides as well as the ocean, which offers all kinds of colors of blue, a developing Mediterranean maquis, in some places the alluring places of the Costa Rei appear in perspective, such as Cala Pira: a small bay formulated through dunes covered along with fragrant juniper.

The white colored beach "Cala Sinzias" is actually enclosed in between pair of cliffs as well as is actually defended by a bulky yearn woodland. It is very near to the center of Costa Rei: an enchanting vacationer facility, positioned on an extent of great white colored sand that appears countless, caressed by the ocean along with its seductive tones of colour, from turquoise greenish to dark blue. 10 kilometers of splendid beach, which is a suitable location for any kind of kind of getaway as a result of its own superficial waters and the fantastic assortment of visitor services offered, including high quality resorts as well as bistros.

Behind the Costa Rei there is a productive agrarian location that delivers a wide range of organic items of excellent high quality. At the center of the fields once cultivated by prisoners in available prison, it deserves checking out the past penal nest of Castiadas, a structure dating coming from 1877, which is actually right now a cultural facility and also museum.

Neighboring is Muravera, a tiny lively city that provides exquisite friendliness not just in summertime. As a matter of fact, the entire village is extremely included when in spring season the village celebration of citrus fruit products, the "Sagra degli Agrumi". Listed below it is feasible to understand the unlimited varieties of record and folklore of this territory, where the valorization of the conventional lifestyle is actually especially rigorous.

If you want to have actually an unwinded, car-free seashore trip, the Costa Rei is actually the best location for you. You can get the paper on foot, acquire fresh breadstuff coming from the cook and pullulate the sea before breakfast. The considerable beach fronts supply solitariness. For sports fanatics, surf boards and also diving courses are actually used and motor watercrafts may be rented out. Restaurants and also shops remain in the quick location.

Anyone who would like to savor, observe, hear as well as stink it in all times of the day and also night will feel like they reside in 7th paradise below. There is not one other location in Sardinia where villa and also seashore paradise arrive closer and a lot more unobtrusively together than in the city of Costa Rei. A few actions suffice to commute between the ocean and the cushion in your villa. En passend you can take whatever with you that brings in relaxing much more pleasant: cafés, pubs, gelato parlors, pizzerias, restaurants, stands, grocery store and also grocery store.

The "Costa Rei" Coast is actually optimal for loved ones, and certainly not only because of its own straightforward, strong facilities, which continues right up to the beaches. Algae is incredibly rare on the coastline during the course of the showering season.

Emerald-green tones blend into the colour spectrum of the water there, marble and also volcanic stones enchant over the water along with mystical types and welcome you to uncover undersea the sea flora and animals, which is just one of one of the most undamaged in the Mediterranean. It is just a rock's throw through auto to the stony beach gulfs along with little sandy beaches in the north of Capo Ferrato or Cala Pira as well as Punta Molentis in the Sarrabus mountain ranges. There is actually no shortage of range on the Costa Rei even with its nearly lifeless straight duration.

With small temporal variations of the seaside sees, substantial impacts can be achieved on this seaside bit, which levels to the east. Early in the morning just before the sunlight rises from the ocean, for instance, when a fluorescent seam of fragile pink and orange hues sharply splits heavens and also ocean for a couple of seconds, maybe with a refreshing delve into the water only before and also a hot, creamed cappuccino plus brioche at a pub not long after that. Or even in the evening, sitting on a dune at twilight in the aroma of blossoming beach front lilies, bare feets in the still warm and comfortable sand and also in your hand an ice-cold mirto (Sardinian myrtle alcohol), which makes the pastel-colored mixture between blue and violet, which beclouds the horizon between skies and also water, even more delicious ... There is actually no much better method!

Those that happen coming from the hills of Sarrabus as well as come all over the standard coast at Cala Sinzias, which right here broadens into a small lowland level spotted along with mountains close to the coast, are going to rub their eyes: at the shoe of Monte Macioni, a bright white colored bit of seashore along with a large, turquoise as well as emerald eco-friendly shining carpet lights up, which extends in a delicate arc over 3 kilometers to Sant'Elmo, wildly flanked by cactus bushes, mastic plants, dwarf palms, olive and also eucalyptus plants. The bay of Cala Sinzias is actually thought about through the Italian Environmental Protection Association as one of the clearest as well as most untainted seaside areas in Italy. An additional emphasize of this bay are actually the coastline pubs, which along with everything your soul needs produce this seashore a wellness oasis for young as well as aged.

The loosened stone formations of Sant Elmo, with little, luring rock and sand coves that extend for a few hundred meters versus the scenery of a somewhat much higher stable of hills covered along with heavy maquis, may be checked out along blowing winding courses and picturesquely mark the southern beginning of the Costa Rei. The ocean spreads - as quickly as the coastline turns from stone to white sand - like a turquoise, liquid rug that merely finishes at the perspective. While the superficial bank regions are actually especially child-friendly, the stony locations near Sant' Elmo as well as particularly the coral reefs at the southern edge of Cala Sinzias are actually advantageous for extended snorkeling or diving trips, which are actually compensated with a rich undersea fauna as well as flora.

Costa Rei, like the East Coast of Sardinia, Is not an incredibly windy place. When the wind drafts, the kite sessions are actually frequently excellent.

The most ideal winds for kitesurfing Costa Rei are actually the Grecale (NE) and the Tramontana (N), that blow side-onshore left edge. In some cases, it blows, during the course of the warm and comfortable and also sunny days of the Summer time. a thermic wind (wind) along with a magnitude of even more than 14-18 gatherings. The thermal wind at Costa Rei is not effortlessly predictable.

In the course of the summer period, the coastlines are actually really crowded and there are certainly not kite streets. It is certainly not regularly achievable to kitesurf.

Costa Rei supplies especially in summertime all the traveler solutions for household beach trips and also, due to its own shallow coastlines, is actually additionally suited for little kids.

Our company encourage Costa Rei also in reduced time, particularly for active holidays in Sardinia: through bike or for trekking, for instance in the hilly complex of the Sette Fratelli; for motorcyclists, that may take coastal roadways with impressive perspectives oceanic; or to find out the hinterland through the productive agricultural area of Sarrabus-Gerrei.

Our experts suggest a see to the adhering to locations in the region of Sarrabus-Gerrei, of undoubted historical and archaeological interest: the Quirra Castle in Villaputzu, the Menhirs of the Cuili Piras web site or those of Pranu Mutteddu in Goni. Fascinating is the visit to the nuraghi of "Sa domu de S'orcu" in Castiadas (Santa Giusta), Axoru in San Vito or even the Sacred Well Is Actually Pirois in Villaputzu.

Not much coming from Costa Rei, in an abundant farming place, is actually the Penal Colony of Castiadas, as soon as predestined to the recovery of marshy areas with the help of the work of detainees, currently a social center as well as museum available to visits.

Costa Rei supplies lovely soft sand coastlines, typically free: coming from Capo Ferrato in the North to Sant'Elmo as well as Cala Sinzias in the South, along with a duration of more than 10 km there is actually area for everyone, also in high season. Amongst the best popular seashores: Punta Molentis and also Cala Proceddus; Cala Pira, defended through a Spanish tower; the white colored sandy beach of Cala Sinzias; Sant'Elmo and also Santa Giusta, along with its own popular Scoglio di Peppino.

Our company also advise to uncover other beach fronts in the area: for instance, even further north, coming from Capo Ferrato to Porto Corallo there is yet another soft sand beach front, nearly 10 km long.

Both the lengthy great soft sand coastlines ideal for kids as well as the little coves usually provide beach solution with sunshine bedrooms and sunshade leasing. Due to the existence of various focused centers you may practice all nautical activities, such as sailing, windsurfing, water snow skiing and also scuba diving.

In the settings of Costa Rei, and especially in the area of the town of Castiadas, it is actually possible to see lots of farms where you can easily purchase legitimate local area products: the widely known Sardinian honey, myrtle or citrus alcohols (Muravera is well-known for its creation of oranges), standard cheeses as well as likewise the outstanding Cannonau red wine of the social wineries of Castiadas, which boast a reasonable creation of red wines, both mass and also bottled.

As a result of the span of the seaside, even in the high period you can normally still locate a quiet warm area off of the beach front departures and also beach stalls. And incidentally: The most significant portion of the Costa Rei gulf is actually totally free seaside. Here you may generate your towel as well as placed up your sunshade no matter where you desire. But if you like to exchange this type of flexibility for the comfort of a deckchair service, you may do thus without any issues in the noticeable seashore areas.

For several years the Costa Rei has actually been an extremely well-known getaway place. You will definitely discover a rich selection listed below if you are actually searching for a trip house in Sardinia. From low-cost trip flats to deluxe villas with a swimming pool - the deal is actually large and particularly created for households.
Along the gently pitching beach, which is absolutely appropriate for youngsters, little, personal non commercial regions have actually been established. If you are searching for the distance to the seashore, you will certainly locate your location in one of the trip homes straight at the ocean.
Those that are seeking even more solitude during the course of their getaways, having said that, are going to more than happy to lease among the homes along with ocean scenery, which lie around the - still beach-near - altitudes of Monte Nai and mainly have a fantastic scenic view of the attractive shore. The means to the center of the Costa Rei is actually also effortlessly performed on shoe coming from right here.

That at that point the sunshine as well as going swimming in the sea created thus correctly hunger, that rounds its own trip day at the Costa Rei in one of the countless dining establishments off. Whether restaurant, fish dining establishment or Sardinian specialized restaurant - the option around the center of the town is actually large.
Heading residence, the piazza with its own stalls and also the regular Italian panache of "allowing your own self go" will entice you, prior to the peace of the primarily stellar evening at property in your villa are going to trigger your imagine the following summertime day in Sardinia.

If you would certainly like to have a rested, car-free seashore vacation, the Costa Rei is actually the appropriate area for you. There is actually no other location in Sardinia where trip houses and beach front haven come closer and extra unobtrusively with each other than in the town of Costa Rei. It is only a rock's toss by vehicle to the stony coastline bays with small soft sand seashores in the north of Capo Ferrato or even Cala Pira and also Punta Molentis in the Sarrabus hills. Yet another feature of this gulf are the beach front pubs, which with every little thing your center needs make this beach a wellness retreat for youthful and also aged.

Due to the duration of the seashore, also in the higher season you can usually still locate a quiet sunny location away coming from the seaside departures as well as seashore stalls.

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