Sardinia Beach Apartment Costa Rei

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Beautiful summer holidays in Costa Rei Sardinia italy.

With little temporal variations of the beach check outs, big effects can be achieved with this seaside strip, and this is available to the east, stay in beautiful Costa Rei apartment. Early in the morning until the sun rises from the sea, as an example, when a joint of pink and orange tones radically separates sea and skies for a couple of minutes, possibly with a rejuvenating dive into the water before along with also a warm, weatherproof coffee plus brioche at a pub shortly later on. Or during the night, resting a dune at sunset in the smell of flowering beach lilies, bare toes in the warm sand and on your hands an abysmal mirto (Sardinian myrtle liqueur), that makes the pastel-colored potpourri between blue and purple, which divides the horizon between water and sky, even tastier... There is no far better method!

The loose stone formations of Sant Elmo, with little, luring rock and sand coves that extend for a couple of hundred meters against the background of a slightly increased selection of hills covered with thick maquis, can be researched along winding paths and picturesquely indicate the southern start of this Costa Rei. The sea grows - as quickly as the shore turns from stone to white sand - such as a turquoise, fluid rug that only ends at the horizon. While the shallow shore areas are particularly child-friendly, the rocky areas near Sant' Elmo and notably the reefs in the southern end of Cala Sinzias are worthwhile for elongated snorkeling or diving trips, which are rewarded with a rich underwater animals and fauna.
Individuals who are attempting to find more serenity and calm during their getaways, however, will more than pleased to lease a few of your homes with ocean view, that are located around the - still beach-near - elevations of both Monte Nai and mainly have an extraordinary panorama of the picturesque coast. The best way to the center of the Costa Rei is likewise readily done on foot out of here.

Due to the amount of the beach, in the summer time you can generally still find a peaceful warm spot far from the shore exits and beach stalls. And incidentally: The most significant portion of the Costa Rei bay is wholly free shore. Here it is possible to put your towel and then set up your parasol everywhere you desire. If you want to exchange this kind of flexibility for the convenience of a deckchair lease, you can do this with no issues from the noticeable beach locations.
We recommend Costa Rei also in autumn season, particularly for busy holidays in Sardinia: from bicycle or for hiking, for example in the mountainous elaborate of the Sette Fratelli; for both motorcyclists, who can take seaside roads with amazing views of the seaor to detect the hinterland through the fertile farming region of Sarrabus-Gerrei.


Costa Rei is excellent for families, rather than just since of its uncomplicated, strong infrastructure, which continues right around the shores. It's predestined for vacations with kids, on account of the fact that the seabed slopes carefully along its entire length and in numerous places allows for extended strolls towards the sea blue. There are hardly any pebbles, but you will find rocky reefs from the sea and also big effectively polished granite cubes from the usual grey of the area. Seaweed is extremely rare on the beach throughout the bathing season. For people who require stronger contrasts, make a detour for diving or snorkeling to the several hundred meter long rocky place Sant'Elmo, the Sea Scoglio di Peppino or to the endings of the huge bay - Capo Ferrato from the northwest, Monte Macioni in the south. Regardless of that the rocky reefs at the endings of this bay are an El Dorado for snorkelers and divers. Another highlight of this bay would be the beach pubs, which together with everything your heart needs make this shore a wellness sanctuary for young and old.

Underneath the Costa Rei there is a fertile farming area that employs a wide selection of biological objects of exceptional quality. In the middle of the areas when cultivated by offenders in open prison, it might be well worth visiting the prior chastening nest of Castiadas, a building dating from 1877, which is currently a cultural centre and museum.
If you want to have an unwinded, car-free shore excursion, the Costa Rei is the very ideal place for you. The extensive beaches offer quiet and peace. Stores and dining establishments remain from the immediate location.
Together the closely northeast shore, that is definitely ideal for kids, small, personal domestic places have been developed. If you are trying to find proximity to the beach, you'll find your location in one of the holiday houses directly at the ocean. Especially households with kids are attracted from this blend of village and beach proximity.

There's not any other place in Sardinia where excursion homes and beach paradise come closer and more unobtrusively collectively than in the city of Costa Rei. A couple of measures are enough to commute between the sea and the mattress on your getaway house.
If you desire to achieve this location, and stay in Costa Rei beach apartment you will pass through a few of the very suggestive lands of Sardinia: the Sarrabus. In between the mountains and the lush mountains and the sea, which gives all kinds of shades of blue, a expanding Mediterranean maquis, in some places the charming regions of the Costa Rei look in view, including Cala Pira: some small bay framed by dunes covered with fragrant juniper.
Costa Rei supplies especially in summer time all of the tourist services for household shore getaways and, because of its shallow shores, can also be appropriate for kids.
For lots of years the Costa Rei has ever been a very popular getaway destination. You are going to discover a rich option here if you're searching for a vacation house in Sardinia. From inexpensive trip condos or apartment to luxury rental properties having a swimming pool - that the deal is big and especially developed for households.

Who then the sun and swimming at the sea made so properly desire, that rounds its own vacation day at the Costa Rei in among the numerous restaurants off. Whether pizzeriafish dining establishment or Sardinian specialty dining institution - the option around the center of the village will be big. Costa Rei, located on the south-west coast of Sardinia, is approximately 50 km from Cagliari, the capital of the island. Turquoise blue, and crystal clear water is feature of the stretch of coast, famous because of its mild sand along with its expanse. Numerous inland lakes produce a book for uncommon bird species.
It is really near the middle of Costa Rei: a captivating resort, situated on a stretch of white sand that seems unlimited, touched with the sea with its beguiling tones of color, from blue-green green to dark blue. 10 kilometers of superb beach, which can be an ideal destination for any type of vacation because of its shallow waters and the great selection of traveler services easily available, such as quality resorts and dining establishments.

Emerald-green tones mix in the color spectrum of the water there, volcanic and granite stone enchant above the water with mysterious forms and welcome you to detect underwater the marine flora and creatures, which will be among the most intact in the Mediterranean. It is just a stone's throw by car to the rocky shore bays with small sandy beaches at the north west of Capo Ferrato or even Cala Pira and Punta Molentis in the Sarrabus mountains. There is not any lack of number to the Costa Rei despite its nearly dead straight course.
Close-by is Muravera, a tiny vibrant town that offers amazing hospitality not just in summer time. The entire city is really included when in spring up the village festival of fruits, the Sagra degli Agrumi. Here it is possible to learn more about the limitless collections of history and folklore of the area, in which the valorization of this conventional culture is particularly intense.