Tips to Make Your Blog More Engaging

Writing blogs for business is an essential part of online reputation management. Most of the companies start their own blog segments in their websites and regularly post new blogs for the visitors. If you find writing blogs difficult and haven't started writing blogs yet, do not worr

  1. Originality

Only through original blogs, you can attract people and expect them to read all your blogs. If you copy your content or indulge in article spinning, then don't assume you will get much of the benefits from your blogs.

As originality comes from an original idea, you need to keep thinking about something related to your niche. Always have access to useful apps such as Google Drive or Evernote through your mobile phones or laptops, so that you don't miss out any idea anytime. Note down the idea as soon as possible, and then collect content which revolves around the idea.

You can also discuss this idea with your employees and other people who might help you out and provide you with some examples and anecdotes. Thus, you will have a polished idea ready for use. Create an outline and post structure with which you can work on your post.

  1. Creation

Now that you have the rough material and an outline, it is time to start with your blog.

  • Introduction: Introduction to the blog tells the readers about what the blog is. It is where you can engage the public with a relevant quote or question. Maintain a personal point of view in the introduction. The ideal word limit is around sixty words. If you make the introduction too lengthy, it might give a dull impression to the audience and, they would feel uninterested in reading the entire blog. Thus, keep the introductory paragraph short and engaging.


  • Body: Body is where you put all the information and necessary material informative to the audience. It shouldn't include any nonsense talk and, every sentence of the body should be meaningful. You should pay equal attention to representation as it is as important as the content itself. To represent it in a readable manner, you should break up the body of the blog into various segments. Put these segments under headings that give an overview about each segment.


  • Bullets and directions: Bullet points are best for giving precise information. If your blog contains statistics, products, actions or any other information, use bullet points to explain them.


  • Visual Content: Images further help to make your content more engaging attractive. Moreover, images are more practical and, an appropriate image can explain things which would otherwise take a hundred words to explain.


  • Closure: The closing lines of the blog make it complete, and usually, ask the public to either respond, take action or opt for a product/service. You can end the post in three ways as mentioned below.
  1. Indulge the audience by initiating a conversation in which you can ask a question related to your business. Encourage people to answer these questions with answers that help you other audience as well as your business.
  2. You can end your post with a call to action which directs them to the service they would find useful.  
  3. You can also give a suggestion or command which the people can follow right away. This suggestion can be the solution to many people's problems.


  • Finishing Touch: Now that your blog is complete, you need to check for a few things before posting it on your website. When you proofread your post, make sure that it is precise and devoid of any off-topic sentence. Trim your blog to its best, and don't worry about the blog becoming short. You should always prefer quality over quantity when it comes to writing a blog.

Read the article carefully, and then think about a title which is SEO friendly and attractive. See to it that both the blog and the title justify each other so that the audience doesn't get confused.

After making the complete blog, you can show it to someone experienced to check whether it is well-written or not. When everything's finished and, you are good to go, don’t forget to ask the audience to write reviews about your blog, which would be of great help to you in the future.