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Sardinia beach holidays apartment for rent.

Sardinia, among the most gorgeous places in the Earth, from the Mediterranean sea. Sardinia is a Italian Mediterranean island with intriguing men and women who love their nation and preserve their culture and heritage through their artwork and music. The folks of Sardinia are proud of their natural attractiveness, their ethnic uniqueness, their conventional clothes and their delicious cuisine: they all think themselves part of a complete world.

Sardinia is located on the southern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. It has its own rich, sour land and is surrounded by hot Mediterranean waters which provide ample sunshine into the property. It is also among the most attractive areas to visit for your summer holiday as it provides a lot to do, visit and see.
If you would like to have an unwinded, then car-free beach holiday, the Costa Rei is the perfect location for you. There's not any other location in Sardinia where vacation homes and beach paradise are closer and more unobtrusively collectively than in the town of Costa Rei. It is simply a stone's throw by car to the rocky shore bays with small sandy beaches at the north of Capo Ferrato or Cala Pira and Punta Molentis in the Sarrabus mountains. Another highlight of the bay are the beach pubs, which with whatever your heart desires make this shore a wellness sanctuary for young and old.
En route home, the piazza with its stalls along with the standard Italian flair of"letting yourself go" will bring you, until the calmness of the largely leading night in your house in your trip home will begin your imagine the next summer day at Sardinia.

Those who are making an effort to find more privacy throughout their holidays, nonetheless, will likely greater than happy to lease among the houses with sea view, which lie around the - still beach-near - elevations of Monte Nai and mainly have a magnificent panorama of the magnificent coast.
The shore, at the high season you can usually still find a quiet sunny place away from the shore exits and beach stalls. And by the way: The most significant aspect of this Costa Rei bay is totally free beach. So here you might set your towel and then put your parasol wherever you desire. But if you would rather exchange this kind of liberty for the comfort of a deckchair lease, you're in a position to do this with no problems from the conspicuous beach segments.

On the road home, the mountains of Sarrabus and come across the flat coastline at Cala Sinzias, which here widens into a tiny lowland plain observed with hills near the shore, will rub their eyes: at the foot of Monte Macioni, a glowing white strip of beach with a broad, turquoise and emerald green shining carpet lights up, which stretches at a gentle curve above three km to Sant'Elmo, exceptionally flanked by cactus hedges, mastic bushes, dwarf palms, and lavender and lavender trees. The region has stayed extremely sparsely populated and organic until today. It was just gradually discovered by tourism in the late 70s and till then served as a summer hotel, particularly for the folks of Castiadas, 8 kilometers inland. No surprise that the rocky reefs at the endings of this bay are the El Dorado for snorkelers and divers. Another highlight of this bay are the beach bars, which with that which your heart desires make this shore a spa for old and young. It's typically based on a combination of these different cuisines, but also contains elements of culture and heritage. This usually means that the foods will remain particular to the personal taste of every person.


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Who then the sun and swimming at the sea created so properly appetite, that rounds its holiday day in the Costa Rei in one of the numerous restaurants off. Whether pizzeriafish restaurant or Sardinian specialty dining establishment - the alternative around the center of the village is big.
As a result of length of the shore, even in the summer time you can generally still discover a peaceful sunny place away from the shore exits and shore stalls.
Swimming in the ocean created so properly appetite, which rounds its vacation day at the Costa Rei in a few of the numerous restaurants off.

The white beach Not far from Costa Find different beaches in the region: for example, further north, from Capo Ferrato into Porto Corallo there's another sandy shore, almost 10 km long.
Along the gently sloping beach, that is definitely ideal for kids, small, personal domestic places are established. Each has its own beauty and clearly complies with the stringent construction regulations around the island. You'll find your place in one of those holiday homes straight in the sea if you're looking for the space to the beach. Especially families with little children are brought in by this mixture of city and beach proximity.

For many years Costa Rei has ever been a popular vacation destination in Italy. . If you are interested in a trip house in Sardinia, you are going to see an ample choice here. From cheap trip flats to high-end rental properties with a pool - that the deal is large and specially created for homes, If you search a apartment for rent in Sardinia Costa Rei attempt"appartamento Costa Rei" for beach apartments.
Together the lightly We recommend Costa Rei, you are going to pass through a few of the very suggestive territories of Sardinia: the Sarrabus. The great thing about this land is further improved by the profile of the"Sette Fratelli" mountain complex that overlooks the park. The park is a natural oasis of fantastic price, an ideal place for relaxing walks. Between the hills and the luxuriant hills and the ocean, which offers all sorts of colors of azure, a thriving Mediterranean maquis, in certain areas the charming regions of the Costa Rei look in perspective, such as Cala Pira: some little bay framed by hills covered with aromatic juniper. This place is made even more enchanting from the sparse summary of the"Torre Aragonese" tower which overlooks the crystal clear sea. Even though the people of this island have shifted to become more vegetarian as time passes, many meals still contain meat, fish, or some of both. In some sections of Sardinia that it is considered to be bad luck for a meal to be served without meat.