50+ amazing facts: of about the world?

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50 amazing facts about the world, the collection of some of the top amazing facts about the world and its history It's sure that they will blow your mind.


amazing facts: of about the world. in English.
with these 50 + amazing facts that are to tantalize your mind! is a fun fact? amazing facts of the world, Learn more about the amazing world around.

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amazing facts of the world

[ You've Never Heard Before: 30 Wonderful Facts About Earth]

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We think we know everything about our home planet, but we couldn't be more wrong,


Fifty wonderful facts about our planet you've never heard before.


a lot about the universe, scientists have already discovered but they believe there is still much more to learn about our planet.


We were so surprised to find out new Did you know that the Moon was once part of Earth?

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amazing things that we decided to share them with you right away.


the tallest mountain in the world, Mount Everest is not, Hawaiian Mauna Kea has an altitude of 13,795 feet above sea level.

virtually, the biggest part of the volcano rests below sea level.

from the base to the summit, if measured Mauna Keais 33,475 feet high, which is 4,445 feet taller than Mount Everest.

Amazing facts of the World: Tel world is loaded with many 'great actualities, and data.

can have a twenty neighboring states-four hour time difference. American Samoa is only Even though 1,240 miles away from.


that form part of Kiribati, the Line Islands the time difference between the two neighbors is 25 hours.

Its commonly believed that the driest place on Earth is located in Antarctica.

Atacama desert in the driest place on Earth is Chile hasn't had rainfall for thousands of years.


Antarctica has seen no rain the McMurdo Dry Valleys in for nearly two million years.


can reach speeds of The winds here 200 miles per hour. freshwater represents only 3% of all water on Earth.


The oceans and seas hold 97%of Earth's water, its salty ocean water, not suitable for drinking.


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