Build the Main Door as per Vastu to Invite Prosperity

Main Door Vastu Tips by


The Main door of the house should always open inwards. One of the most significant aspects that would bring in stability in the home or office constructed is the location of the main door of a house or office.

The main door should be in the auspicious grids of North-east , East , South, West and North corner of the plot ( known through division of the plot into grids) , and should never be in the extended or cut portion of the plot. Having main door in the middle of the plot or in the brahmasthan of commercial & residential complexes can ruin the family. Religious places can have main doors at centre.

The remaining doors & windows of the house or office should be proportionate to the main door. Avoid having door exactly opposite the main door. Keep the door joints well lubricated. The back door of the building should be smaller than the entrance door. The number of doors and windows in office or house should be even numbers. Avoid obstruction in front of the main door.

So according to home vastu consultant in Kolkata, we can really invite good luck to our construction right way through our main door by following these vastu tips.