5 Points to consider before you buy SMPP SMS Panel

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If you are into bulk SMS business currently using any rented or aggregator panel seriously considering owning your own SMPP SMS panel, then read the blog.

If you are into bulk SMS business and currently using any rented or aggregator panel and seriously considering owning your own SMPP SMS panel, the following are 5 points to consider before you buy your SMPP SMS Panel.

1. Know your requirement

You should analyze your SMS traffic for the last six months and also take into consideration future traffic before reaching to final figures. Once your volume is calculated, you need to figure out your TPS (Throughput SMS per Second). From your business perspective, you can calculate how much time you can afford to push 1,00,000 SMS traffic.

e.g If your requirement is to push 1,00,000 SMS in a span of 60 mins then, you require a TPS of 25-30 SMS per second.

It may be noted that the design architecture of any application changes based on throughput requirements. Always keep in mind that higher TPS always demands the right kind of infrastructure, resources, and holistic approach in your design. Even a delay of milliseconds at the network layer may reduce your TSP drastically.

2. Choosing the right hardware and software

Once your TPS and SMS volume (traffic) is decided, you need to choose the right kind of hardware and software. Keep in mind that higher TPS requires faster IO operation and you need a hard disk with higher RPM or better go for an SSD drive (slightly expensive, but worth investing).

Any data-sensitive application where frequent database connections are opened for updating DLR and managing QUEUE and reporting, you need to choose the right kind of database where faster writes can be achieved. We understand, choosing the right database for your requirement is not an easy task. But do not worry, our dedicated solution architect can help you at this point.

Note: There are many cracked SMPP software are floating in the market place which will never give you desired throughput. Such software may also contain viruses that may hack sensitive information from your server. From your business perspective, data security is very essential in this competitive world.   Never fall in pray of cheap SMPP software/panel. Remember, When comparisons are made facts can not be denied.

3. Choosing the right Hosting Provider

In any client-server arrangement, latency plays a vital role in achieving higher throughput. Before choosing your Hosting provider, for your SMPP SMS panel, make sure to check the latency between your hosting provider and your SMS gateway provider. The nearer you are, the better throughput you will achieve. Apart from latency, you must check SLA for uptime. Anything above 99.9% is acceptable. Also, check with your hosting provider on their upload speed. Anything above 15-20 Mbps is recommended.

You need to choose between VPS or a Dedicated server for hosting your SMPP application based on your traffic.


4. Evaluate after-sales support

Make sure you are working with professionally well-equipped and well-trained people who can provide you effective after-sales support. Also, check for the availability of the proper ticketing system. Few interactions with different departments will help you creating your perception of the team.

5. Pricing

As mentioned above, when comparisons are made facts can not be denied. Two apps can not be compared just by a visual demo. Performance of back end engine matters. Performance can only be compared when you push high volume traffic during peak load. There is no free lunch in this world. Be ready to spend some extra dollars to face-lift your app, if it really adds some value to your business. After all, it may be a one-time investment.

We hope the above points will help you make the right decision for your business.

In case of any query or a free consultation on your architectural design for the SMPP application, you can always reach us. We have a team of experts who have more than 25 years of experience in the telecom domain.

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