Get More User Base With An Trending Social Media Platform Like Telegram

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Hello! The instant messaging's apps have really defined the way we communicate with others.

Hello! The instant messaging's apps have really defined the way we communicate with others. What makes these instant messaging apps so special and an efficient way to communicate? It is obviously the features! With this, we shall move on to instant messaging app development.

Be it any number of instant messaging crowding the Play Store, apps like WhatsApp, Telegram are most preferred by users. While WhatsApp has been the favorite for many, the recent news on privacy policy created a state of panic among users. As a result many started heading towards Telegram. From this incident, it is evident that users never compromise to share their data with third-party apps.

Therefore, the need for an instant messaging app that provides a cover over users’ data is of high demand. Keeping this in mind, we are here to help you with our Telegram clone app solution.

Why specially our Telegram clone app?

There are many app developers out there who have instant messaging app solutions. But Appdupe’s Telegram clone app is special for multiple reasons. Reasons include facility for customizations, budget-friendly, and white-label. With these benefits, let us move on to the next phase where you will get to know the features.

Create channels

Channels are becoming more popular where users upload movies, video clips that are accessible to others. Users can either create a private channel or a public channel and allow subscribers to join.

Multimedia sharing

Users can send and receive any type of multimedia content like images, GIFs, videos, and documents.

Video calls

Having said that our Telegram clone app is specially designed, how to leave the video calling feature? The app supports both video and voice calling features of high quality.

Chat backup

Users don’t have to worry about their conversations or media being lost. The app will support data backup. Users can choose the frequency of backup by setting the preference.


Developing the Telegram clone app is definitely worth the time and investment. Launch your instant messaging app within a few days from us. See you there!