Wodreams: Top Wardrobe Resolutions for 2019

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Spring season starts and now it’s time to clearing out your wardrobe and get ready for the summer months. It can be easy to clear out the old clothes that might you’ve had for years but haven’t worn from last year, or worn it once. Visit Wodreams to Decorate yourself and Your Wardrobe!


Today we give you the best wardrobe resolutions to keep your wardrobe organized and to make sure that there is an outfit in there for all occasions.



Resolution One: Avoid buying clothes that you will only wear once:


This is something we see and hear time and time again – there is a fancy occasion coming up like a party and you want to look great for it. You go out and buy a new outfit including accessories that are perfect for the special day and may spend a bit more than usual so that you’re looking your best. After the day has passed the outfit goes to the back of your wardrobe never to be seen again.


Instead of falling into this trap, try to pick clothes that are more versatile and can be dressed up in multiple different ways. This means that one item can be worn multiple times, reducing the cost of clothes that you are buying and with some clever work with your accessories can look like a completely different outfit every time.


Resolution Two: If it doesn’t fit, don’t keep it:


This is another common mistake we see and is often dressed up in the excuse that someone is using clothes that don’t fit as motivation to lose some weight and fit back into them. A better approach is that if you don’t fit into your clothes sell or donate them to someone who does fit.


Once you lose or gain weight buy new clothes that fit you properly. Regardless of your weight having a wardrobe of clothes that fit you well and flatter you will make you feel better than having a wardrobe full of clothes that you can’t wear. If you’re looking to replace your wardrobe, check out the best sellers at Boots n Bags heaven for some great deals on 2019 fashion.

Resolution Three: Don’t keep an item that doesn’t suit you:


Linked to the point above, many people will buy clothes in the sale or online that when they tried on didn’t suit them. Often, instead of returning it people will just keep the item in a drawer with an idea that they may wear it one day. This day rarely comes through, and the piece just adds to the mounting piles of stuff that doesn’t get worn. Use a weekend over the spring to go through your wardrobe and find the clothes that you don’t like anymore. If they are in good condition you may be able to sell them, but if not take them to a charity shop and make room in your wardrobe and in your headspace.