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Keto Slim Max people some people need that organization people need that tracking some people do great with things like that like I said I had a friend who was extremely successful with this it's just not for me it's I know what works for me and I know what I can maintain for a

Keto Slim Max stuff getting rid of all the sugary fatty things and focusing on the proteins the veggies and the fruits which are all things that come from the earth are grown naturally and are in no way process the biggest Pro to me and the Paleo diet is the fact that you don't have to count calories you don't have to count anything because everything that you're consuming is natural healthy things so you don't have to you know deal with the containers you don't have to deal with the point system you don't have to worry about like oh I have that one science of bread today and that's it puts me over my limit you don't have to do that because you're just eating the things you should be eating and the reason I say the things you should be eating is because there are things that you know are not harming your body so they're not fatty foods they're not processed foods or not sugary foods are not high in sodium these are things that