Common Challenges in Audio Transcriptions and How to Overcome Them

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For every one hour of clear audio, it generally takes somewhere around 4 hours of transcription time. For a recording that lasts 15 minutes, almost an entire hour would be spent in its data transcription. However, professional transcriptionists are capable of doing audio transcriptions in

Businesses need data transcription servicer for a multitude of things, such as podcasts, interviews, meetings, voice mails, dictation, conference notes, recordings, wiretaps, transcriptions, reports, and depositions, among others.


Transcribing audio content is no mean feat and involves many challenges. Let’s take a look at some of these challenges and the best ways to meet them:


  1. Transcribing audio content which is low on quality


  • Some of the factors that can influence the transcription process of audio content include the quality of the audio, the nature of the content of the audio, the quality of the speaker’s voice, different accents, background noise, and whether or not the dialogue is scripted or non-scripted.


  • If most of the audio files you receive for transcription are unscripted, the quality will tend to be poor and you might encounter issues such as overlapping speech, jargons, unintelligible words, and inaudible speech, among others.


Meeting this challenge: Implement evaluation in your transcription process to identify, document, and report unusable content and request for new files. Finally, before delivering the transcribed files to clients, ensure to validate them.


Want to cut the hassle?

Simply hire professional data transcription services that already have these as part of their transcription processes. This will ensure a steady flow of audio transcriptions without delaying your transcribers or compromising on quality.


  1. Transcribers have no previous experience on your client transcriber and validation tools


If your transcribers are not familiar with the different transcriber tools required, a huge amount of their time would be spent getting familiar with the tools, their operations, and limitations.

Meeting this challenge:  Create comprehensive training plans and support documentation for each transcription project. However, this can add up to represent significant costs.


Want to cut the associated training costs?

Intelegenica is a leading BPO services provider that provides professional data transcription services with high accuracy and assured data security. Its in-house expert transcribers are well-versed and familiar with major transcriber tools.


  1. Meeting high security level requirements for your clients


This is an important consideration because of the sensitive nature of recordings and audio files that can contain customers’ confidential information. However, meeting the security level requirements is often a challenge as it involves following and setting up strict NDA agreements with all projects.


Meeting this challenge: Create SFTP folders with password protected access areas. On completion of the projects, delete source and target content from your servers and certify it deleted. Reputable audio transcription services ensure to keep transcribed content of clients within a secure network.


Summing up

Transcription projects can pose a number of other challenges, in addition to the ones outlined above. Also, many transcription errors, both human and electronic, are difficult or impossible to detect.

Consider hiring professional data transcription services to get the most out of your audio content.