5d bim design

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Traditional design methods are the development of drawings of buildings and structures in two-dimensional space (2D) using CAD tools. Designing objects as a three-dimensional model - is a 3D design process. Building information modeling technologies open up completely new dimensions for th

5d bim

5D-design is the addition of cost indicators for materials, structures and works to the BIM-model planned for the time of production of works. Combining a time-based project with monetary indicators makes it possible to anticipate, plan and distribute cash flows at all stages of construction. The presence of prices for materials, products, and works connected to parametric elements of the model allows you to make an information section in any plane for any of the specified indicators. You can easily use this data to create an estimate.


Features of the 5d bim process

The current design practice involves creating estimates only after the end of the project development process. This situation often leads to the problem of exceeding the limit of funds provided by the investor.

A BIM model of an object at the stage allows you to interactively build a building, evaluate all decisions made, and add material, technical, and human resources if necessary. It is also important to understand that the 5d bim development process involves not only the designer, but also construction and installation organizations, suppliers of materials and equipment. An organization that undertakes по construction obligations independently selects the technologies of work, the mechanisms and machines used, the composition and number of workers, and their payment. In the process of BIM design, the Builder examines each element of the building for the cost of construction production.


Key features of 5d bim

This approach to creating estimates is transparent. The final estimate is partially formed by the organization that will later be responsible for the construction process. Even before the start of work, the investor will be able to see how their money will be spent at each stage of the project implementation. And subsequently, monitor the contractor and all responsible persons for exceeding the estimated cost of construction.