HP Envy 5540 printing blank pages

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Quick guide for the resolution of the issue of the blank page

The Envy 5540 printer is allowed to print blank pages if the cartridge is not inked or damaged or if the printer head is obstructed.

Quick guide for the resolution of the issue of the blank page

  1. In the ink cartridges, check the estimated ink level. If the ink is low, replace the cartridges.
  2. Using true ink cartridges only.
  3. Print a test page to check whether the problem has been solved.
  4. Manually or from the printer control panel, clean the ink cartridges.
  5. Repeat your operating system heads if the problem remains unresolved.
  6. Perform a deep cleaning of the print head when the printer still prints blank pages.
  7. Check your printing settings and ensure that the values are set according to your print job.
  8. Call us for further assistance at the toll-free number to fix hp printer printing blank pages

Detailed Instructions For Resolving The Blank Page Printing Issue

Allow the genuine ink cartridge to be loaded into the printer. The use of third-party ink cartridges can cause the printhead to be obstructed.

Check the cartridge ink amount. To display the approximate ink amount, tap the ink icon on the printer control panel. If the ink level is low, remove the ink cartridge by printing blank pages on the HP Envy 5540 steps below.

Raise the access door of the ink cartridge by putting your fingers on both sides of the access door. Replace the empty ink cartridge by pressing it down slightly.

Remove the cartridge from its slot and send it to be recycled. Replace the safety ribbon on the new ink cartridge. Stop hitting contacts with the bottle or ink jacks.

Insert the ink cartridge in the corresponding slot. Replace the latest tri-color cartridge in the right slot when you are replacing the tri-color cartridges. Insert in the left slot the black ink cartridge.

Open the access door after the latches have been pushed down. Click OK for all instructions on the control panel. Press OK. The printer starts to align the ink cartridges.

If the cartridges are not correctly positioned, the flow of ink is blocked. Push the top of the cartridges until they are closed. If the problem persists, clean the ink cartridges from the control panel of the printer.

To swip the monitor to the left, tap the Setup icon on the printer control panel. In the Settings menu, tap Tools and then select Clean Cartridges. The printer begins to clean the ink cartridges. Once the printer has been cleaned, a diagnostic print quality report is printed automatically.

Review report and tap Yes if the content of the print is inconsistent with the label. This will lead to a deeper purification. Touch No if you are happy with the quality of the print.

If the error of HP Envy 5540 continues to print blank pages, change the print settings according to print media type loaded into a printer.